Youth: Get involved at #Forests2015


Do you care about forests? Do you care about climate change? Do you care about animals and plants? Do you care about yourself and your friends’ future?

This is your opportunity. Get engaged!

welovetreesThe good news is that the presence and involvement of the global youth community has been prioritized at the XIV World Forestry Congress, which offers a great opportunity to engage in scientific and policy deliberations like never before.

Young people will be engaged throughout the Congress process, providing vital contributions that stem from debates among peers as well as inter-generational discussion on the most pressing issues facing forests and forestry. Get involved as we liaise with professionals to design pathways for sustainable development and to maintain and enhance the many benefits, products, goods and services that forests provide.

Join us in Durban to express your concerns and ideas, and help build a sustainable future for forests!

Events at the Congress

Youth pre-Congress event – Setting the stage: Engage, speak out, be heard!

Workshop – Building Bridges: Halt forest loss (deforestation and degradation) through cross-sectorial approaches for the benefit of people, climate and nature

Youth Special Event – Forests for the future: The role of youth engagement and education to benefit people, climate and nature

Participate in the blog competition

Submit a blog post about your forestry project to the #Forests2015 blog and you will automatically be entered into the blog competition. The top ten posts will be chosen by the online public and a panel of judges will give the final scores. (Find out more).

Join the #Forests2015 social media team

Experienced social media users, professionals, volunteers, journalists as well as novices are welcome to the social media team. The only requirement is enthusiasm about forestry, agroforestry, sustainable development or natural resource management. All young people are encouraged to join! To do so, send an email to Peter Casier at (Find out more)

Enter the Forests and People photo contest (closed)

To help illustrate the theme of the Congress, Forests and People: Investing in a Sustainable Future, and to raise awareness about the critical importance of forests for people today and future generations, we are calling for photo entries that feature both forests (or forest products) and people. Submit a photo and you could win a trip to the Congress! (Find out more)

Social media campaign: ‘I (We) love forests too!’ (closed)

Youth stepped up as a vibrant youth community behind the Congress. With the ‘We love forests too!’ they took pictures hugging a tree.

Check out the photo gallery we assembled!

Our call for youth speakers (closed)

Early May, we make a public call for youth speakers. In 7 weeks, we received 84 video applications, from 36 countries.

The online audience could vote for each of these entries, to define a pre-selection. The jury is now making the final selection of five speakers.

The Congress will fund the travel and accommodation for the speakers, who will be mentored by the Congress team in preparation of their speech.

More information on the #Forests2015 youth program:

Download the draft youth engagement agenda!
Contact: Yemi Adeyeye (Youth liaison) – yemi.adeyeye(at)

Picture: Courtesy FAO/Yemi Adeyeye

2 thoughts on “Youth: Get involved at #Forests2015

  1. His sir !
    I’m Guy Dibwe from DRC Live in SA Chairperson of BrainSluice African Child’s and Member of National Congolese Council for Development( NCCD) Chrage for Puiblic Relation and I’m interested to participate in this meeting in case of protected Nature to to gather with Human Being as Scientist shows a danger of Climat change in coming,People needs to know,learn and pratice what can keep them away of this matter.


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