Wanted: Young, passionate people to speak up at the World Forestry Congress

The Facebook farmer We are looking for passionate and inspiring youth speakers to make a TEDx-style presentation at the youth special event during the XIV World Forestry Congress. If you are involved in a youth-led initiative or project established and run by young people to engage communities, we want to hear from you! There are three/four slots to fill. We will pay your travel, accommodation and registration costs for the full week of the Congress, 7-11 September, in Durban, South Africa.

Who can apply? Are you:

  • 18–35 years old? (this includes students and young professionals in this age group)
  • Actively involved in a youth-led initiative or project created to benefit people, forests and the environment?
  • Interested in sharing your success stories and lessons learned with the global forestry audience?
  • Interested in having your project/initiative profiled at the XIV World Forestry Congress?

If the answers to the questions above are YES, here is your chance to reach out to a global audience!

How to apply?

To be considered as a youth speaker, please prepare the following:

  • a short informal video (no more than 5 minutes) introducing yourself and your project/initiative. This can be recorded on your cellphone: It’s what you say and show that counts, not the video quality. You can post your video online and include a link in your submission, or attach the video file to your entry (max 10 MB).
  • a short text about your initiative (no more than 400 words), to be submitted in your mail, or in an attached MSWord (or compatible) or .txt format (no PDFs please)
  • a photo showing your project/initiative, or yourself “in action”. Submit the photo in .jpg format as attachment to your email
  • clearly state your name, age and country
  • your applications can be in English, French or Spanish

You can submit your video, text and photos by email to yemi.adeyeye(at)fao.org with WFC-XIV-Info(at)fao.org in copy. Please put ‘Youth Speakers entry’ in the subject line.

Alternatively, entries can be sent by post to:

Yemi Adeyeye
Forestry Department
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00153 Rome, Italy.

If you have already submitted a video as part of the Congress call for abstracts, please let us know and we will include it for review in your submission.

Selection process

All entries will be posted on the #Forests2015 blog. First-level selection will be based on the number of comments, post views and “likes” that your entry attracts. Final selection will be based on the quality of the entry and made to ensure a diversity of speakers (gender, topic, language and continent). Specifically we will look for:

  • impact and or potential impact of youth-led initiatives
  • Projects that adopt cross-sectorial or integrated land-use approaches (forestry, agroforestry, watershed etc.)
  • projects that bring together young people of diverse backgrounds
  • engaging stories

As we need to prepare speakers for the talk and arrange travel plans, selections will be made on a rolling basis, so speakers may be identified before the participation deadline. Apply early if you want to be considered for a speaker’s slot! Even if you are not selected, we may share your videos and stories at youth events during the Congress.

This is an excellent way to showcase your initiative with the world and promote your work and vision!

Key dates

21 June 2015 (midnight CET): Participation deadline
30 June 2015 (midnight CET): End of the voting

Check out more about youth participation at the Congress.


Yemi Adeyeye (Youth Liaison)
Email: yemi.adeyeye(at)fao.org
Twitter: @yemi_adeyeye

Picture: Joseph Macharia, a young Kenyan farmer, speaks at the Global Landscapes Forum Picture courtesy: Neil Palmer (IWMI/GLF)

55 thoughts on “Wanted: Young, passionate people to speak up at the World Forestry Congress

  1. Warm Greetings..

    Hello Peter.. My name is Linda from Indonesia. I very keen to be a youth speaker in WFC 2015. Today, I have sent my entry to Yemi. Looking forward to see it getting published soon.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. I am Yankuba Darboe, 34years old Gambian. I am the National Coordinator of the National Farmers Platform The Gambia formed by the ministry of Agriculture in 1997. I will be very much grateful if fortunate to attend this very important conference were young ones are given the chance to showcase their talent. I work with all the farmers across the country and this year I was fortunate to get grant from FAO through Forest and Farm Facility to nine of our regional groups in upgrading the community forest and am promise of another grant before the end of the year.


  3. Am 30 years and Founder of Friends of biodiversity and heritage(Fbh) a national NGO in Kenya. Currently am raising Bamboo nursery with 30,000 Bamboo filled cuttings. I’m requesting to join this Congress so thro Fbh, we can raise what biodiversity is and how it is linked to sustainable development.


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  6. i am a francophone ,but trying my best in english.Is there any chace for me to be selected if my record is in french?. I am forestry ingénieur and i work with minorities peoples living inside forest.We are trying everyday to fight agaist their exclusion and their rights


  7. HI this GNANA SWAMY D.S from India ..i am trying trying to submit my video and short note but mail delivery is failed please reply …give correct email id to submit my application to youth speaker entry .


  8. I am Otimong James, 27yrs old, a graduate with a diploma in Forestry Nyabyeya Forestry College and a Ugandan by nationality. I live in Kumi District formaly under Soroti District found in Eastern Uganda.
    very glad with the innitative of Forestry congress an opportunityto the youth and leaders of today and tomorrow where youth voices are heard on international pltform.
    I expect avery positve result from this Forestry Congress which will help in enviromental protection, conservation and management.
    thanks looking foward for being part of the congress.


  9. This is the hope many youth, children, adults, the poor, the rich and all persons from different walks of life and different generations a like have been patiently waiting for! The moment when the universe will spare some little time to come together as one to design geared towards the restoration and conservation of the green beauty that our Good God gave us at a zero cost. We need to make this hope come true, we need other coming generations to read some good history about us. I will love to be there because it covers my dream, the dream am starting to transalate into reality, the dream of converting the semi arid desert of Karamoja (Uganda) to a beautiful green paradise where every men of our race will wish to live in. Bravo!!!!!!! to WFC2015 You have a great dream most powerful people of this globe are lacking!


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  11. I am Opar Abdulai,34yrs old,agraduate with Advanced Diploma In Computing& Information Technology and the General Secretary Pakwach Muslim Youth Association and a ugandan by nationality. I live in Nebbi District, Northern Uganda. Am very amazed with this initiative of World Forestry Congress to give the opportunity to the leaders of today and tomorrow,i.e the youths to have their voices heard at an international platform. Thank you so much and i look forward to being in the conference given the chance so that i can share my experience of life in Northern Uganda with audience


  12. i am interested to be a speaker, i am a young expert woman working on the field since many years.


  13. Hello, I’m called Desire Dusengimana from Rwanda, I’m Office manager in The New Forests Company (Rwanda) Ltd. Many thanks to the people who thought and put in place this impressive opportunity to all people in terms of caring forests. I expect a very positive result from this World forestry congress which will contribute to the environmental protection and development of global as well. all the best to all people who wish to attend this credible congress.


  14. Thanks for the fight to green the world,because we know the importance of forest and so is the reason for the strugles thanks.


  15. I am Yankuba Darboe, 34 years old Gambian working with the National Farmers’ Platform The Gambia as the Programme Officer and Ag. Coordinator. It is indeed a very good and important topic and I will be very much grateful if given the opportunity to give a speech for the meaningful participation of youths in afforestation.
    I would love to be given the directives to apply thank


  16. Hello, as founder member of RYACA : Rwanda Youth Alliance for Climate Action (www.rwanda-yaca.org), and environmental lead agri-business researcher, I like to take part in this WFC#2015 in other to share my experience and learn more about issues of the environment we live today.


  17. Dear Peter!
    I am really interested on giving a speech during this #forestry2015 congress. I am youth student from Madagascar and want to share my research project. Any help on how and where to apply.?


  18. I’m a public speaker and a forester too and i ll like to enroll för this wonderful opportunity of speaking in the congress i Will try all i can to make it There ..God helping me..thanks IFSA för the opportunity.


    • Hi Tulu! The details how to fulfill the application, is in this post… Submit your video, pictures and a short text, and you will enter the competition to be a speaker at the Congress! — Peter


    • Hi Kintu! I will be happy to pull you into our online support group. Just email me at “p.casier@cgiar.org” saying “I want to be part of the #Forests2015 social media group”, and I will enroll you in our online discussion forum!


      Liked by 1 person

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  20. I am indeed grateful to be apart of this innovation, I really feel like my dream is becoming true as per the role I have been playing in our tree planting project targeting 4 regions of Uganda.


  21. It’s amazing for solve actual situation of inequality in the countries of latín América.

    Greetings from colombia


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