Youth Speaker entry #1: Victor Moinina (Sierra Leone)

In 2012, Sierra Leoneans began to experience a strange object in the beach area in Aberdeen and Lumley. This strange object became known as “seaweed” which was coming from the belly of the sea due to some unforeseen activities. In as much government has put a ban on dynamite fishing, the presence of sea weeds comes up on a yearly basis. These plants are very unsightly and causes an offensive odour for the passerby’s and the regular visitors to these beaches. As a solution, I will want to institute a seaweed task force team which will be in charge of cleaning the the beach of this unwanted visitor that is making life uncomfortable for us.

Victor MoininaFurthermore, I started an initiative with Environmental Protection Agency in Sierra Leone in which we were to introduce the black polythene litter Can system that should help reduce littering and environmental pollution in the schools. Unfortunately, this project never materialized and it will be a gracious step to actualize it.

Perhaps, most importantly is the promotion of Aforestation as opposed to Deforestation. When I became a Tunza Ecogeneration Ambassador in Sierra Leone, I made sure that it was a part of my mandate to incorporate tree planting in secondary schools in Freetown. To further enhance this, I shall be instituting the community tree planting initiative in which I shall be using our organizations to host community sensitization exercises on the importance of Aforestation, and conduct the Tree planting activities in Aberdeen, Goderich, Leicester and Gloucester communities in the mountainous part of Greater Freetown. With these initiatives, I believe that I can make the desired change in actualizing this dream of making a very eco-balanced community and society.

Blogpost, video and photo submitted by Victor Moinina (Sierra Leone) – moninavicky(at)

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25 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #1: Victor Moinina (Sierra Leone)

  1. Great projects! I think society would benefit immensely from these projects. Any individual involved in implementing these projects should be proud to be part of such important activities.


  2. It is very rare to see youths who really care about our environment… but you care so much and you’re really working hard to make a change…. you are a God sent Victor. keep it up.


  3. Wonderful initiative, I admire your confidence and intelligence. I’m so lucky to have u as a friend, keep up the good work.


  4. In order for Africa to meet up with its ambitions of becoming emerging nations and most importantly in a sustainable way we need to support such goals till its realisation point


  5. Great initiative Victor! I have known you to be a great leader who is passionate about making great impact everywhere you go. All the best! I am inspired!


  6. I am very lucky to have worked with Mr. Victor Moinina. More grace and impact sir, we believe in you


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