Youth Speaker entry #5: Bamidele Oni (Nigeria)

While, I work towards building a formidable and extended reach of work and impact in my society in the future, I have begun with the establishment of a means of reaching the public through the establishment of a Non-Governmental Organization and through which, I have realized a means to bridging the information gap between societal development stakeholders (policy makers, researchers) and the public.

While there have been a lot of interventions towards combating the negative impacts of the rapid environmental changes, I realized the need for a more identifiable way of creating a levelled form of environmental education and entrepreneurship that would not only create the necessary awareness but also a means to establishing a mitigation strategy.

Bamidele OniI adopted the process of community-community approach of environmental sensitization and tree planting as a means to adapting and mitigating the changes. The tree planting initiative has however been based on fast yielding and social-economic consideration as the trees often selected are ones that would ensure a beneficial side not only to the environment but also to the individuals in terms of food security (fruit trees) and health values.

The platform has further been used to bring the rural dwellers, youths, students, non-profit leaders, policy makers and entrepreneurs to design solutions that reflect local content for a green economy. The youths from respective communities have also overtime shown supports in volunteering for the tree planting project while each community reached often collect seeds from the trees planted in their localities to give to us and this has further helped to enhance our seed stock for more planting.

Right now, the initiative has reached 15 communities with 4000 trees planted.
The success of this project has helped to understand the necessity of ensuring that ideas and initiative directed at enhancing communities must be truly people oriented and well-tailored to accommodate mutual understanding between the parties involved in an intervention.

Blogpost, video and photo submitted by Bamidele Oni (Nigeria) – bamideleoni.greenimpact(at)

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399 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #5: Bamidele Oni (Nigeria)

  1. Sir thanks so much for affecting my life so positively. You taught me all I know today about caring for our only home “The Earth”. You ‘av been my role model and mentor on this great mission of greening up our world. I love you. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey James, am really humbled by your words here and I must say a big thank you to you as well for standing with the cause….#TogetherItGetsBetter!


  2. Dele, it’s good you’re fighting a cause to save planet earth with so much zeal. I’v always known you to be a dedicated person. I remember you telling about the ozone layer some 12years back and i’m glad you are still on track! God crown your efforts man.

    Liked by 1 person

    • wow! its been 12 years that we had that discuss, well am still fighting the cause and thanks a lot for the compliments.


  3. Congratulations Dele Oni for this work is totally rewarding and praised, now educate a child and tomorrow will be a citizen of the world … In a green world less industrialized and more sustainability.
    Sustainability is a term used to define human actions and activities that aim to address the current human needs without compromising the future of coming generations. Ie assustentabilidade is directly related to economic and material development without harming the environment, using natural resources wisely so that they remain in the future. Following these parameters, humanity can ensure sustainable development

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    • Yes, Oluwadamilare, it is our collective duty…it goes beyond being a professional or been an expert at conservation. We all do have a part to play.

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  4. My Dear Delearth or Delegreen…
    You can never stop fighting just one cause I know you for.
    You keep nailing one thing, one vision, one purpose!
    This is called specifically focalising focus.
    The Mother Earth rebukes anything that rebukes you.
    Rise to the peak of your Earth glory for heaven is patiently watching you and waiting for you to make the street of angels greener and cleaner.

    Liked by 2 people

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