Sponsor the #Forests2015 youth program!

Yemi Adeyeye

How can we provide food, energy and water for all? How can we avoid climate change? How can we cope with increasing resource scarcity? How can forests and the forest sector contribute to overcoming these challenges? These are some of our major concerns and we believe yours as well!

This year we have a unique opportunity to address the questions above. The XIV World Forestry Congress, taking place in Durban, South Africa, from 7-11 September 2015, provides a unique platform to engage in discussion and to define solutions for the future of forests and young generations.

The central theme of the Congress is “Forests and People: Investing in a Sustainable Future”. Discussions will also highlight the contributions of the world’s forests to the implementation of the new post-2015 development agenda. As youth, we are eager to contribute to the discussion. We want to learn, share our concerns and take responsibility. But we need your support.

Who we are?

We are speaking on behalf of youth, with a wide diversity of geographical, cultural and educational backgrounds. We also represent a number of youth organisations including the International Forestry Student Association (IFSA), International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences (IAAS), and Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) among others.

We are asking for your support

…to achieve three concrete goals:

  • Enable the physical presence of at least 50 young people at the Congress to contribute to the debate.
  • Set up and run special youth communication channels, as well as training and learning opportunities, including an interactive webpage and attendance at a communication and social media boot-camp, organised just prior to the Congress.
  • Establish an online Global Mentoring Programme as a legacy project of the Congress.

Moreover, your support will contribute to the success of the special event: ‘Forests for the Future’, which is organized by young people at the Congress to voice and demonstrate how youth and young generations help and engage in protecting and sustainably managing the forests of the world. This special event will take place on 8 September 2015.

Your generous donation is an investment in the education and experience of tomorrow’s natural resource managers. This will enable us to engage in the discussions and to enrich the Congress outcomes by offering perspectives on cross-sectorial and integrated approaches to addressing the land-use and resource management of the future, as well as advancing the causes of sustainable development. We promise to bring with us all our creativity and passion!

Finally, if you or your organisation is planning to participate at the Congress, please consider including young people in your delegation or as speakers at your sessions.

You can find more information on our goals, activities, expected costs and what we can offer you in this brief (PDF).

FAO has kindly agreed to support us with the administration of funds received. Kindly indicate your interest in supporting youth engagement at the Congress by contacting the XIV World Forestry Congress Secretariat: WFC-XIV-Info(at)fao.org or the youth liaison for the Congress: Yemi Adeyeye: Yemi.Adeyeye(at)fao.org

Picture courtesy Yemi Adeyeye

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