Youth Speaker entry #14: Simbarashe Gowa (Zimbabwe)

Impact 100 Trees Project, (i.100TP) is an initiative of JCI Capital Zimbabwe, with an objective of touching the lives of 100 people in every community through provision of sustainable solutions to challenges faced by our communities. The projects are empowering young people with practical skills and education on preservation of the environment, as well as economically empower them through harnessing such natural resources as trees.

The project was launched in one of the marginalised urban communities of Mbare in Harare. 100 youths were identified and grouped in teams of ten. The team leaders received training during a 2day workshop which covered a wide range of topics i.e. Global warming, deforestation ,the ecological importance of preserving trees, seedling production, how to start nurseries, basic business skills and book keeping.

Tree nurseries

Tree nurseries

We handed over start up kits which included seedlings, seed pots and modules for basic business and seedling production. JCI Capital will consistently monitor the project process as well as help identify key partners who will be the markets for the trees when they are ready for planting. The Nurseries projects targets to produce at least ten million trees (1 million per each team) by December 2015, to be planted across the country empowering young people as well as better their communities. The project is set to be replicated in different community areas as well thereby contributing to the well-being of the society whilst replenishing our environment with trees. This pioneer program received support from the government through the ministry of youth, forestry commission together with the business community and civic society.

This project was necessitated by the need to involve the community in our mission to halt rampant deforestation as a result of massive tree cutting for energy and clearing land for resettlement and farming whilst no efforts were being made to replenish the trees. We have also spread our reach to involve students in schools and we are planting at least 100 trees at each school, providing education on environment preservation as well as allowing them to come up with their own initiatives on environmental matters. We have set a target of planting at least 100 000 trees by December 2015.

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7 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #14: Simbarashe Gowa (Zimbabwe)

  1. As active citizens We believe that were others see challenges We see opportunities.this is a good initiative not only are we going to foster environmental stewardship but empower our communities financially

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    • This project will change the face of the Zimbabwe, Africa and the World. Looking forward to seeing Sir Gowa at the congress. Go and impact the world that we all want to see.

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  2. Environmental restoration is an urgent issue not only in Zimbabwe. This is a good initiative, especially when you consider you are working with young people and also equipping them with business tools. thumbs up. what is the response by communities so far and are partners coming on board?

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    • thank you Evance. The communities are appreciating the project and keen to take part especially after going through a comprehensive training that gave them insight into the venture.
      The partners that have since shown willingness to provide support are the ministry of youths and the local council as well as a local business unit BFC which provided training.


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