Youth Speaker entry #15: Islam Frahat Zaky Hassan (Egypt)

The Egyptian-Chinese Friendship Forest Initiative


The Egyptian-Chinese Friendship Forest is one of the largest industrial forests in Egypt, with a total area about 250 hectares. It was established in 1998 by a group of young volunteers and I was one of them. The forest irrigated with a mix of treated sewage and industrial water from a plant has a capacity 18000m3/day.
Due the nature of El Sadat city as a new inhabited community in the Western desert, the forest will increase by the upcoming 10 years to reach 500 hectares.the forest palntes with a lot of trees like Cupressus sp. – Pinus sp. – Acacia saligna – Casuarina sp. – Eucalyptus sp. – Agava sisalana – Morus sp. – Khaya senegalensis and ornamental trees and plant, irrigated with drip system irrigation.
Nowadays the biological diversity of the forest increases, we found snakes, wolfs, gazelle and birds. As I mentioned I was one of the volunteers who established this forest, nowadays I’m conducting research about the trees water requirements, growing new trees like Gatropha .

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – Environmental Feasibility

– Improving air quality and decreasing pollution.
– Safe disposal of waste water, thus reducing pollution.
– Improving the biodiversity and decreasing desertification.

Social Feasibility Results

– Participating in solving unemployment problem among gender by providing 5 feddans in average to each fresh graduate.
– Transforming treated wastewater to an economic added value to national production, resulting in increased national income.

Future planning

Islam Frahat Zaky HassanIncreasing the total area to 500 hectares and establishing Bio-diesel oil extraction and refining units from the seeds of Jatropha curcas trees, Establishing small plants for the production of silk yarn from silkworm breaded on mulberry trees, Establishing a factory for the production of ropes from the cultivation of Agava sisalana, used for anchoring ships and in port uses.

My ongoing activities

Conducting researches about the trees water requirements, growing new trees like gatropha, Agava sisalana and Concarp sp.
Training new graduates the basics and oucomes of agroforesty and how to establish forest.

Short note about myself

I’m Islam Frahat Zaky Hassan, assistant researcher, agricultural and biological research division, national research centre, Cairo, Egypt. I have bachelor in agriculture science since 2004. I got my Master in Environmental Science, evaluation of natural resources since 2009.
Now I’m registering for PhD degree

My reasons for applying to speak at the World Forestry Congress: I want to share my knowledge with other young agroforesty speakers from other counters, about the new concepts and technologies of establishing forests. I hope to meet all of you in South Africa .

Text, picture and video are submitted by Islam Frahat Zaky Hassan (Egypt) – islam_frahat(at)

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