Youth Speaker entry #17: Misha Teasdale (South Africa)

My name is Misha Teasdale, I am 34 years old. I run an award winning social enterprise based in Cape Town, South Africa, Since 2010 we have planted over 50,000 indigenous and fruit trees within Southern Africa. Greenpop hosts corporate groups in facilitated tree planting in under greened communities of South Africa, turning grey communities green. Outside of this we also host large tree planting events. Recently we hosted our Reforest Fest which brings people from all walks of life together to plant thousands of indigenous trees, create meaningful experiences through workshops talks and other activities.

I’m currently gearing up for the fourth annual Zambia Festival of Action. This is an opportunity for local and international volunteers to plant trees, attend speaker evenings, workshops, and concerts featuring musicians from all over southern Africa!

misha teasdaleGreenpop has several satellite projects due to vast numbers of organizations and activists across the continent needing trees planted, but not having the management systems or funding in place. To date we have four projects we work with in this way between Tanzania and Cape Town

Sustainable development is economic growth being socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. I search for sustainable development both in my world and in my personal life. I want to thrive in all aspects of my life. I aim to do so through creating value for the world. A triple-bottom-line with a business mandate of adding value rather the being negative or neutral impact. I want to share this value with all. I am a huge fan of trees, they are means to translate my values to better the world as a whole. As a boy, I was fostered. My foster parents loved me as their son, and gave love unconditionally. Five years on, I went back to my mother who continued to sacrifice and provide me with unconditional love. This humility I was given, gave me a foundation in centering my life’s work around adding value to the world around me.

I have had the amazing experience and privilege of being flown to various countries to attend conferences and accept awards for the incredible work that my team and community do under my direction.

I feel that I have the potential to make big change happen through inspiring my peers and my community. By being a leader, I hope to share my passion for the environment and my experiences in appropriate technology, mass participation and social innovation.

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29 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #17: Misha Teasdale (South Africa)

  1. Misha leads by example. He has an unstopability, an unshakable belief that whoever you are and wherever you are, you can make the world a better place.

    Before my 16 year old son met Misha he was concerned about the environment, but he felt powerless to do anything about it. Volunteering in Zambia with Misha and Greenpop changed all that – he decided to become vegan, he grows his own food and he will go to University to study forestry.

    Misha will connect with and impact every person in the room and challenge each person to act – starting right now, in a completely irresistible way.

    It is fantastic that the GWF is in Africa for the first time, let the world hear this amazing young African. There are some speeches that change history.


  2. Since I got to know Greenpop through Misha, I am inspired. Misha is not only a great speaker and motivator but also a man of action with big visions, who is following a truly amazing mission together with his team. He is def the right one as Youth Speaker!

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  3. It’s truly a beautiful thing to have been apart of Greenpop and continue to see it grow and change through the seasons. All the best Misha and all of the Greenpop Team, you continue to inspire and create positive environmental-forward action. I especially am a fan of the photo you chose to share with this article, I loved planting with that group!


  4. What an amazing organization, what a beautiful goal, we need people who plant trees and people who help to create this vision to make the planet greener.


  5. Misha Teasdale is a skilled practitioner, an astute observer and an eloquent spokesman for the cause of bringing social entrepreneurial model to reforestation efforts. His observations on such efforts would be extraordinarily valuable to so many participants in the World Forestry Congress.


  6. In 2013 I was one of the volunteers at Greenpop and this experience has made me think about my way of life as nothing has done before. So thumbs up for Misha and his wonderful organization!!!


  7. Misha does a great job creating very nice opportunities for people all over the world to help plant trees, learn, grow and at the same time have a great experience. Therefore I totally recommend Misha for giving a talk on the World Forestry Congress!


  8. I am fully behind Misha and Green Pop. What they do is wonderful and it should be given as much press as possible. They are bringing serious change for the positive here in Africa.

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  9. Greenpop is an inspiring organization. Allowing people of all ages, races, cultures to mingle in the pursuit of leaving a legacy for future generations. They are not tree huggers, who pop in plant and leave. They operate a sustainable enterprise.

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  10. Misha, you are an inspiration for all my Design students by proactively creating a better world. Shine on!


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