Youth Speaker entry #27: Gnana Swamy (India)

I am founder of a Youth organisation SIGNA. SIGNA stands for Student Ideal & Guide for Nature Awareness. Me and some of mine friends started SIGNA eight years ago, since from beginning we are working with youth to build youth leadership to protect our forest and biodiversity.

In SIGNA we sensitise and teach young students about sustainability and Gandhian ways of environment conservation and protection. We have unique methodology to involve young students in this process , SIGNA members visits colleges and shows documentaries and films on nature , and organise interaction , discussion ,competition . Once students involved in SIGNA they were sensitised by various methods like showing films, give them a book to read and they interacted with local leaders and activist and Scientist. In SIGNA we take students to mining area and thick forest area like Western Ghats by this method they upgrade their knowledge on forest and they learnt importance of Biodiversity.

Signa SindhuWhen students were fully involved in SIGNA we do orientation camps on green living, green livelihood, sustainable development, ecology and Biodiversity. Those who completed these camps we will take them leadership building camp , the students those finished this level they fully involves in SIGNA do activism against illegal mining and deforestation for development purpose . We inculcate young minds to practice of preserving nature for tomorrow.

The biodiversity in the local ecology has been very rich; the organisation has been continuously enriching knowledge among students in this line. SIGNA students has been campaigned against illegal mining and deforestation, they organised and mobilised people to conserve our forest.

Young students of SIGNA planted more than lake plants in mining area, and villages affected by mining. They planted trees in college campus and cities. They built youth team in that area to care those plants. With network of NCPNR (National committee for protection of Natural Resources ), NAPM ( National alliance of people’s movement ) and also Save western Ghats committee SIGNA students formed group of farmers, the SIGNA students enrich farmers knowledge by teaching and sensitise them to grow agro forestry, sustainable agriculture and organic forming .

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543 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #27: Gnana Swamy (India)

  1. encouragement made by the signa students to the other students in the rally …it is the good symbol of signa


  2. give a big round of applause for making such a type of rally….this type of events are need very much in the society…thank you


  3. signa ‘s objective is to promote awareness about societal qualities,all the best for making dwani movement


  4. signa organisation working process is good because this time most impatient to change.. so this time youth collaborate level change is very good i am happy sir for signa organization working process to see.


  5. I am very happy with the kind of job doing by Gnanasindhu Swamy..I feel its pleasure be with him and support him.
    All the best Swamy



  6. I can honorlly say that, iam one of the earliest student of signa. Taking about signa they are really in pace in changing the views of the people, struggling hard to make a world better palce for living and by watching gnana sindhu’s mile stone of achievement i hope one dreamworld may come true.


  7. signa grows like a mountains in the earth ,where as earth is the youth mentor and mountains are youths…i am a fan of signa


  8. SIGNA. . .First of all thank you all for nature awareness in youths as well as students, caz they are the future and they need to know the importance of forest and all. . . . Good job keep it up. . .


  9. Great effort by SIGNA.
    Excellent idealogy….
    Keep going on wish u all the very best!
    I wish I would like to be part of SIGNA.
    Thanking you …


  10. hai this is santhosh .i wanted to work more as much as possible to signa .dedication is the symbol of signa


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