Youth Speaker entry #31: Sekar Ayu Woro Yunita (Indonesia)

Youth in Forest Actions is one year program initiated by the Board members (consisted of 8 persons) in IFSA Local Committee Universitas Gadjah Mada. It includes three main activities that projected three pillars in sustainable development, that is: social, environment, and economics. Its main goal is to deliver message that forestry is a strong pillar in achieving sustainable development. During its implementation, Youth in Forest Actions program is involving youth as actors, objects and targets. Basically, the program is from youth, by youth, and to youth.

Sekar Ayu Woro YunitaThe first project focused in Social aspect. We conducted social project along with the students from Mathematics & Natural Sciences called ICASA (Integrated Conservation & Social Act). ICASA was hold to commemorate International Day of Forest on March 21st. In the project, we’re giving education and socialization towards the indigineous people living around Mount Merapi to start utilizing bamboo instead of timber to keep the sustainability of forested area around their neighbourhood. In the end of the project, we gave them bamboo seeds and still do follow-up until now.

The second project gives other perspective about Environment. In commemoration of International Day of Biodiversity (May 22nd), we conducted a month long project called Slow Loris Awareness Month. The project’s main message was that wildlife trading and nurturing (in this project; Slow Loris) is a dangerous action that can harm the biological diversity. The project involved series of activities: Essay and Poster Competition about Slow Loris Conservation in Indonesia, Online Discussion and Talkshow with International Animal Rescue Indonesia. The project’s outcome is to raise the awareness of youth widely to stop the wildlife trading.

The last project is Ecopreneur Grand Workshop. It will be held on November 2015 and involving youth from all parts of Indonesia. The workshop will be hold with Non Timber Forest Products as its main theme. This came up in mind due to the concern of how the use of timber in huge amount has been leading to deforestation and forest degradation for years. As the inheritors of the future, youth should be given a brand new perspective in managing forests by not only relying on timber as the main forest products. They should be given knowledge and training on the roles of potential NTFPs in substituting timber and how to utilize the NTFPs to make it more valuable and promising in the future’s market.

Text, photo and video are submitted by Sekar Ayu Woro Yunita (Indonesia) – sekarayunita(at)

The content, structure and grammar is at the discretion of the author only.

This post is published as an application by the author, to speak as a youth representative at the World Forestry Congress. Have a look at the other entries too!

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65 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #31: Sekar Ayu Woro Yunita (Indonesia)

  1. Non-Timber forest products are many times overlooked. I think that you can inspire many with the youth-based sustainable development you are proposing 🙂


  2. For the People, For the Forest, For the Planet. What a good combination between forest, economics, and community. JURUS TANDUR, maju terus, pantang mundur!


    (Give me 10 youth, then i’ll shake the world) – Soekarno, 1st President of Indonesia.

    Being youth is amazing, right?


  4. She’s Amazing.
    Recently, the old men only care and pay attention to their own business about politics and stuffs like that. But they forget that they still have youth to be concerned out. By Sekar’s idea, we as youth do not need the old men’s attention to change the world. The only thing that we need is US to change this world.


  5. and this is so great !
    And i have no doubt that World needs person like her. Who has a great idea, great vision, creative action, has a willingness and the main aspect that Sekar and her team have a big concern about Forests and Wildlife Protection.
    Because I think that without forest and every creatures that life inside there, we cannot life too. without forests, we can’t have a good environment. Without forests, we don’t have a future
    So, I support Sekar and her team to make a big step, to make some actions and show the people that we still have a lot of people (re : young) who care to world’s future. GO GO Sekar !


  6. Sekar is youth asset for this planet! Her ability to speak up and inspiring people in the forum is great and need to be shared globally! Best of Luck Sekar! Our support will always be with you!


  7. It’s been great pleasure to work with Sekar! Her commitment and motivation are truly honest! She always work with heart and fully passionate!


  8. Sekar was the initiator and creator of many project in her local committee Universitas Gadjah Mada. She has great ability to make local project which give many impact to her surrounding. Her ability to speak in public and inspiring people is need to be showed in this congress. Best of luck for you Sekar!


  9. Its awesome! ballancing social, environment, and economy as strong pillar to achive sustainable development! and good job Sekar! hope you can make it and inspiring more people globally!


  10. Sekar is a REAL YOUNG FORESTER. She is visionary and passionate with the forest and environment. She is really care and brave to make local action in her surrounding. Her initiative and project can be felt by us! I can say that Sekar is our modern hero. I really thank you for your small action in locally and hope that it can helping us in the future!


  11. Indeed! sustainable development should be born from youth! Because youth will be inherit our planet. Great Work! our support with you! 😀 😀 😀


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