Youth Speaker entry #32: Nyassi Tchakounte Lucain (Cameroon)

Corruption — the abuse of entrusted power for private gain — undermines good governance and the rule of law. Corruption in forestry further degrades the environment, threatens rural communities and robs the public of billions of dollars each year. Transparency International-Cameroon is committed to a society where corruption-free forest governance and sustainable management enable increased economic development, poverty reduction and environmental protection. To help achieve this objective, TI-C’s Forest Governance Programme monitors the existing anti corruption instruments that bring about the greatest improvement in the forestry sector and in good governance overall.

Nyassi Tchakounte LucainWithin the framework of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement(VPA)-FLEGT signed in 2003 by the government of Cameroon and the European Union, TI-C in partnership with others national Civil society organizations have been instrumental in providing concrete propositions on how to address the issues related to transparency and the fight against corruption in VPA process in Cameroon. In partnership with the Ministry of Forestry and Fauna, we were able to provide training to 100 stakeholders of the sector on how to combat corruption in the forest sector.

Still within its Forest Governance Programme, TI-C is currently implementing the REDD+ Governance and Finance Integrity for Africa’s project. The REDD+ mechanism that focuses on Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest degradation including conservation, sustainable management of forests and Carbon stockage is, like other mechanisms in the forest sector not exempted from corruption practices.

One of the main risk is the possible expropriation of local communities from their land by corrupt of officials, who in return can divert rents allocated to communities by the activities. This project in partnership with institutional and non-institutional stakeholders including local and indigenous communities, intends to improve anti-corruption policies and practices in REDD+ finance and governance in Cameroon, by developing effective policies and strategies. The project started in 2014 and will end in 2016.

Our actions in combating corruption in the forest sector at the national level have provided us with recognition at the sub-regional level. We have been appointed by the Commission for Central African Forest as leader of the group of experts working on “transparency and the fight against corruption” in the forest sector of its 10 member countries. Analyzing and mapping out corruption risks in the forest sector will enable us to provide strong recommendations to be adopted by Ministers to improve the livelihoods of populations and foster social and economic development.

Text and video are submitted by Nyassi Tchakounte Lucain (Cameroon) – lucainyasso(at)

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12 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #32: Nyassi Tchakounte Lucain (Cameroon)

  1. Ensuring that forest benefits mechanisms targeting local populations will not be diverted is critical for their ownership of the problematic of Climate Change. Then, the experience gained from this programme may be scaled up and benefit to other countries.


  2. Très bon discours et en plus je pense que tu es la personne qualifiée pour mener a bien ce projet. En plus un sujet délicat comme celui de la corruption des forets necessite une action rigoureuse…tu est un jeune dynamique déterminé et je sais que avec toi au commande les choses changeront certainement….


  3. I have been working with Lucain Nyassi since 2012 on combatting corruption in the cameroonian forest sector. Histoire commitment and experiences are recognize in the Congo bassin. Lucain is a good example of engaged youth. I like his speech and wish him more success.


  4. Thank you for pushing hard on a crucial and complex issue that integrates protecting biodiversity, reinforcing partnerships among stakeholders, preserving the interests of indigenous communities and promoting best practices for sustainable management of forestry resources. For having closely observed field dynamics, I think the work done by you and your team should be promoted and further backed up.


  5. Pour avoir le plaisir de travailler avec toi, je sais que tu sais exactement de quoi tu parles lorqu’il s’agit du projet Redd+. J’ai rarement vu une personne, jeune en plus, aussi douée et ce même lorqu’il s’agit des thématiques qui pourraient être assez complexes comme celle de l’exploitation illégale de nos fôrets (et de toute la corruption surtout qui entoure cette activité). Je vote pour ta candidature, bon courage lucain.


  6. très bon résumé du projet REDD+, de TI-C, nous espérons vivement que grâce à ce projet, l’exploitation des forets de la sous-région en général et du Cameroun en particulier apportera non seulement une nette amélioration des conditions de vie des populations mais aussi, il va permettre de contrôler les impacts sur l’environnement. Le plus important est que tu es l’ambassadeur par rexcellence des jeunes dans un tel projet, je vote pour ta candidature


  7. Good Job Mr Nyassi Lucain. This is what we could call “Forest Diplomacy”. The objectives of Your project does not just focus on saving the forest or environmental protection, but it cuts accross the economic and social arm of sustainable development. Your project strives to ensure that local communities are not deprived from what they have by corrupt officials. Economically, this will probably encourage the local communities be able to caringly use what they have to promote local development without corrupt influence, which goes a long way to promote “bottom-top development”, and also in the long-run help achieve democracy where those affected by every decision participate meaningfully in such decisions. Socially, it will better the living standards of such local communities. I think I see a lot of potential in this speaker and the project because it takes into consideration the environmental, social and economic arm of sustainable development and I believe this piece defines just what the Forestry platform is all about.


  8. My working with you Mr Nyasi enabled me to learn a lot about forests and you inspired me to teach other youth on how they should involve themselves in forest Issues. I believe you are the person this platform is looking for because you have more than what they are looking for from the youth speakers in this forum. I pray they select you and give you the platform to share all your experience as well as connect to the world network of forests congress.


  9. i think you are the best currently i the field, as an expert of international relations, the subject matter is one that cut across boarders and you expert knowledge is evidence in your analysis vise a vice the philosophy in context.


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