Youth Speaker entry #34: Akiraa PS (India)

I am Akiraa PS from Miryalaguda, a village in Rural India. I’m a traveler, social entrepreneur and a research scholar. I am associated with two social ventures; a research project and an NGO.

As I said, I am from rural India where we don’t have a quality and continued power supply. Then, how we expect to have fast Mbps internet connections in our homes? Because of no internet connection, the rural youth of India is losing so many opportunities around the world.

Akiraa PSAnd for that reason, I developed a technology with the concept of “Right Opportunities at Right Time to Right People”. This is my first social venture – it’s a mobile SMS based opportunity alert service. Students and youth register with notify database and when opportunity is available with their profile we sent them a message. This stands as a huge advantage for them. We already have 10,000+ subscribers in India. Notify trying to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth through the use of accessible technology.

And my second social venture is jaya agri tech services. Using technology we guide, educate and help the farmers in natural farming. Being a farmer’s son, I saw how hard my father worked to do the farming. Inspired by my father, I started an incubator with like-minded people to bring the advance technology into agricultural sector. We are designing a drone and by using this drone technology we help the farmers in different spheres of farming, like in soil test, crop monitoring, disease alerts using artificial intelligence.

And as I come from a poor family, I had to go through a lot of hardships in the University; I didn’t have money to buy books and as I didn’t know English that much I was always mocked both by the students and the professor. That’s why I made up my mind to help people who are facing the same problems like I used to. In 2009 along with my friends I started a “Small Library Foundation”. We established libraries in rural places and villages’ governmental schools. We encourage the children to improve their reading and English communicating skills. From 2009, with the help of the local NGO’s, we established 100+ libraries in other countries, as well. We are actively working in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Peru.

Despite the fact that I had to leave the University because all of those hardships that I’ve mentioned above, my passion for the knowledge and research is pushing me to learn and discover new things. And also in my free time I am volunteering to collect the notes for people who are doing research on “Quantum Computing and Information Security”.

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11 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #34: Akiraa PS (India)

  1. I think his dream is crystal clear and wish for all the success which not only helps himself in achieving it but also benefit many others who are in need of it. Not just words, but a dedicated action!


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