Youth Speaker entry #36: Nikhil Bohra (India)

Cattle Mettle is a social venture that aims to revamp the milk production by the small and marginal farmers and turn it profitable by decreasing the cost incurred on feeding cattle. We are based out of Rajasthan which is the part of Thar Desert, the most densely populated arid region in the World, and where rural economy is primarily dependent on livestock.

We club the existing community knowledge about natural and forest resources with scientific research and, process locally available resources into nutritious cattle feed to solve the problem of low cattle productivity.

We partner with NGOs and other social enterprises and employ their existing rural groups in raw material collection and processing. Our first product line is based on pods collected from Mesquite, an invasive tree species that grow in wild across arid and semi-arid regions in the World. We not only ensure the continuous cattle feed supply but also provide a holistic solution to the problem of low cattle productivity through trainings and demonstrations.

Nikhil BohraCattle Mettle has a three pronged impact on cattle, communities and environment. We ensure safe, secure and nutritious cattle feed to dairy farmers which helps in increasing cattle productivity and in turn increases household incomes. Secondly, we provide livelihood opportunities to women and youth in raw material collection of natural resources like Mesquite pods and provide an extra source of income during stress months.

Lastly, we have a positive impact on environment by keeping a check on spread of Mesquite tree into arable lands by removing its seeds/ pods from the nature; (processing it into cattle feed) through which it mainly spreads. Our team has a perfect balance of young and experienced professionals that tirelessly works to strike a perfect balance between consumption and sustainability.

Cattle Mettle is currently raising funds for its commercial pilot and aims to serve 500 households and over 1000 cattle heads in our first year of operation.

Cattle Mettle has a mandate to work continuously towards identifying low cost alternatives for feed and fodder constituents and to achieve high animal productivity and impacting rural household incomes.

Cattle Mettle has been the winner of Indian School of Business’ iDiya Social Venture Competition and has recently won Asia-Africa finals of GGlobal Social Venture Competition and represented the region in global finals at University of California, Berkeley.

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39 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #36: Nikhil Bohra (India)

  1. Wonderful initiative Nikhil. I wish you all the very best. Most importantly, I am proud that there are still a few people like you and your friend who are targeting to help out the roots of our economy.

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  2. Amazingly innovative yet simple approach to enhance milk production in India. Hope this entry wins and gets implemented. All the best!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. There are very few who think about doing good for society. Glad and proud to know you are one of them. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors!

    Liked by 1 person

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