Youth Speaker entry #40: Eftesum (Bangladesh)

The aim of conservation issue focuses not only the protection of biodiversity but also the maintenance of bioresources in nature. Biodiversity Conservation as a whole strengthens the nature to become self-sustaining system.

An idea to conserve and evaluate the value of biodiversity and bioresource management in the welfare of human society has been introduced in a research group under the academic leadership of Professor M. A. Bashar since 1990. The innovative idea empowered the group to establish a laboratory named as “Environmental Biology & Biodiversity Laboratory (EBBL)” at the University of Dhaka.

EftesumThe EBBL made a compact progress in the field of biodiversity conservation and bioresource management. This contribution of the EBBL established an organization framed as “Biodiversity Conservation Trust Foundation (BCTF)” towards the creation of biodiversity conservation working group in 2012.

It is to deal with biodiversity, biodiversity awareness and augmentation of bioresource management. Up to today, the organization arranged and succeeded two attempts in the field. In the first attempt, awareness survey-trial was carried out based on prepared questionnaire to judge one’s concern on conservation of biodiversity.

All over Bangladesh, a total 5200 participants were 26 educational institutions participated randomly. In this study, 98% participants were found to show a strong eagerness to know about biodiversity and its conservation. In the second attempt, BCTF Award was offered by a formal test to measure one’s primary knowledge on biodiversity conservation and biodiversity awareness.

153 students from different institutions qualified at the competitive award test. Finally the participants (1st, 2nd and 3rd) were awarded. The bravery feedback proved that the working group could be made for national and global interests if a proper organizational model is to be established. To bring the result in practice, the BCTF constructed a procedural framework that was made with 3 levels of training steps having successive awards and the final certificate.

The first award is comprised with 6 months of training duration (Bronze Award). Similarly, the second award is comprised with another 6 months of training duration after completion of first training (Silver Award). And the third award termed as (Gold Award) of 1 year training duration after successful completion of the ‘Silver Award’. The procedure and materials will produce the fruitful efficiency in working group to contribute in the field of biodiversity conservation and to lead the generations successfully at the national and global level in the aspect.

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6 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #40: Eftesum (Bangladesh)

  1. Its amazing how such strong motivation provides the pathwayfor creating a comprosing relationship between animals and humans. Great work team!!!


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