Youth Speaker entry #56: Nikki Chaudhary (India)

I am Nikki Pilania Chaudhary from India.

I am a practicing farmer involved in poplar based agro forestry and dairy farming at our farm in village of North West Indian State Uttar Pradesh . I am also working to promote agro forestry and dairy among farmers in my state.

At our farm we have planted about 12,000 poplar trees and 1000 eucalyptus trees of high genetic potential and I manage our dairy unit of 50 cows producing 500 litres of milk per day.

Diversification of agriculture to agro forestry and dairy farming is very interesting as the combination not only gives attractive economic returns but also benefits our environment.

nikki chaudhary.Poplar agro forestry promotes tree cover on farms; its leaf litter adds to soil fertility and these trees meet timber requirements of industries producing plywood, paper, matchsticks etc.

On small farms I, encourage boundary plantations of trees and on lands prone to water logging eucalyptus plantation is encouraged.

In my interaction with farmers I realised that although lot of farmers were growing poplar trees but because of lack of knowledge on right tree management practices they were not able to take good timber volume per tree at harvest and hence realised lower returns.

So, I started awaring farmers on practices that must be adopted by them to raise good plantation stock by interacting with them in farmers gathering at our association meetings and by distributing pamphlets informing package of practices to raise valuable trees.

Promoting tree cover is one part but in order to feed our growing population it is essential that productive, diversified and sustainable agriculture grows at an accelerated pace.

Some agriculture sub sectors such as dairy farming have huge potential for expansion.
Improvement in milk production per animal through improvement in cow genetics, good nutrition etc will not only boost farmers income but also meet growing demand of milk and milk products of our rising population.

To promote dairy I along with my husband Gaurav founded Progressive Dairy Farmers Association (Registered) Uttar Pradesh in 2012. Since then we have been holding farmers gathering every two months where dairy experts are called to give presentation on various aspects of cattle management such as breeding, feeding, cattle housing, calf raising etc.

Through Association Meetings there has been significant improvement in farmers’ knowledge on running a dairy unit profitably.

I am working my best to make agriculture attractive to farmers and our young people by developing solutions to improve farm productivity, increasing agriculture sustainability, modernising agriculture and promoting farm sourced food products.

I hope to transform agriculture through technology innovation impacting lives of farmers and rural communities.

Agriculture Rocks – Green Business is a facebook group that I have created to fight negative image that our youth carry about agriculture.

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52 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #56: Nikki Chaudhary (India)

  1. Great Nikki and Gaurav,
    A thought beautifully tailored for a great and promising future. Your joint fearless efforts of invading the uncertainities of agriculture with your education, devotion and commitment blending with the enriching and teaching the youth about it is showing its colour and paving way for a greener future for the coming generations, brighter for the farmers and progressive for the indian economy.
    Keep up your good work!!s
    wish you all the best and lots of blessings!!!


  2. Dear Nikki,
    Thanks for very informative and great post that too at a time when agriculture is turning into nightmare for small Indian farmers. Country is witnessing growing distress and declining confidence in farming as most small and landless farmers, with less of a stake, are found to quit farming.
    Farmers suicides cases are on increase and for their survival they rely either on God or on Govt.!!! knowing well that both can not be trusted.
    In a situation like this , our country needs progressive farmers, specially educated young women to come forward and develop methods to better educate and inform youth and traditional peasants about agriculture. Women farmers are the invisible farmers of India who despite significant contribution stay in the background and rarely raise their concerns or share their ideas. We are happy that you have mustered courage to break the old age Indian tradition and taken great initiative in learning about good farming practices and accepting agriculture as a full time profession.
    Please continue in your current efforts to make agriculture attractive to farmers and our young people so that poor image of persons involved in agriculture is changed.


  3. Dear Nikki,
    With food security as big a problem as it is today, agriculture deserves more of our youthful energies and innovation. If we and our Government. want to allow young farmer to grow and sustain communities and bring a renewal in the farming traditions and profession then we have to find ways to provide monetary funding for these people.
    As your mother I am happy to know that every kind help & support is made available to you by your husband and his parents to make agriculture profession so attractive .
    Please keep up your efforts to this holistic approach to the social responsibility of farming by providing systems that are both profitable and environmentally sound.
    Good luck !


    • Thanks a lot everyone for your very encouraging comments. Yes it is very true without support of in laws and my husband I would not have been able to contribute much.

      Yes we need women to come upfront and contribute to society. Society develops when women grow.


  4. Great efforts ma’am… learned a lot from ur Page and also shared the views with my Dad n uncles there at my Village…really Helpful. *Best wishes*


  5. Great initiatives taken and successfully shaped by your hard work! We never have to look far for motivation and inspiration. Thanks to you both! Lots to learn from you people. More power to you..Keep going!


  6. As ignorance is the biggest problem for generations and it is the greatest need to work on it and help the needy people, Nikki you are doing a great job and service to the needy for farmer’s progress in particular and over all
    progress in general. Your work will surely make the youth interested in farming and make them proud in the agriculture profession. We elderly people have lot of hope from young persons like you. You are setting an example for everybody. I have also started a pilot project in villages in Hapur and Bulandshahr district in the area of Children’s educational and over all development since last year and I am encouraged by the results. I am encouraged further by knowing your efforts in the direction of development. Keep it up.


  7. You are doing job which is worth appreciating. Endeavor towards your aim with each step creating a path for a new one. We support such worthy people who put their hardwork for the betterment of us and them,and you are onw of them.Keep working towards it you’ll surely be acknowledged by people for your worth.KEEP IT UP!!!


  8. Well planned and systematic effort blended with hard work and patience is very much required to attract youth to contribute towards agriculture and it’s sub sectors.. I appreciate your dedication towards it.. agro forestry and dairy farming are really important for socioeconomic development of Indian rural and semi urban economy..all the best for your incredible endeavour.


  9. Good .Iam working ITC ltd PSPD .we started agroforestry models (Agri+Silvi + horti+pasture ) in telangana , AP , MP and farmers coming forward and liking this model .I think future forestry only Agroforestry models.
    Nikki madam u r doing good job .I really appriciting urs work and urs concern about agroforestry .best of luck for or future .god bless u.


  10. Hi nikki.. You are doing tremedous job. I also want to connect you as i am doing almost same here in your neighbourhood area BAREILLY. i hv 15 cows nd buffallow nd planted 1200 poplar tree. I would like to meet you so i could get chance to do work with you.


  11. Nikki is a trail blazer! While we rant and rave about so many issues, we forget the vital importance of agriculture. I hope that she is given enough support and I’m sure that she will encourage more of the youth in India and around the world to study agriculture and take it up as a profession. I’m very proud of this kid!


  12. Appreciable great work and good initiative by you
    and all youngsters please see this video good massage in this
    And you doing good job
    Wish you all the very best


  13. Great going Nikki n G.C..proud of u guyz..feels grt to have u ppl in my bunch of friends who have thaught to make a mark in society by adopting their fields of intersts..urs initiative is an eye opener not only for d ppl involved in full time agriculture sector but also for those who have competetive acadmeic backgrounds and can utilise their experties for the well being of downtrodden and ours neglected farmers..wish u gud luck in urs aim and objectives..


  14. Dear Nikki ji

    Appreciative step taken by you for the betterment of so many farmers who are devoid of practical knowledge. I feel proud and lucky to get your guidance. All the best and always looking forward for your cooperation.


  15. Its great to hear from Nikki that she wants to aware all the youth about latest technologies and to take interest in farming rather seriously.
    This is a great move , keep going and all the best.


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