Youth Speaker entry #60: Idagu Blessing (Nigeria)

About the initiative

This initiative was designed to engage and educate young people on the impact of everyday environmental activities on their immediate environment and community at large.

Through environmental awareness seminars for secondary schools and public speaking competition for university undergraduates, young people are exposed to the impact of environmentally degrading activities like, bush burning, tree felling and improper waste disposal, with focus on how this affects the quality of life for their community.


Idagu BlessingIn June 2014 we launched a climate change awareness seminar in Calabar south community of Cross River State with the theme ” The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity.” This series of seminars was attended by young people who were educated on how to be responsible climate friendly citizens.

This seminar was followed up with an inter-faculty public speaking competition in May 2015, which required undergraduates of the University of Calabar to undertake extensive research and deliver speeches on how their academic disciplines can positively impact their immediate community and ways they plan to execute these. The 3-day event had in attendance, the Heads of departments of the various participating faculties as well as over two hundred (200) students in attendance.

Faculties of social science, law and arts and humanities came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Students’ speeches were judged based on how they were able to proffer practical ways in which their course of study can benefit and protect their immediate environment.

Certificates of participation were issued to all the eight faculties.

Next plan of action

Our next plan of action is to take the campaign of environmental consciousness to secondary schools and engage younger students in the campaign for the protection of the environment.

We plan to launch a tree-planting initiative, working with community heads of in local communities of Ogoja, Ikom and Yala local governments of the state, where tree-felling is very prevalent.

Our utmost desire

We look forward to working with other stakeholders in the environmental protection campaign and would be very pleased to share our insights, challenges and aspirations with the Global World Forestry Community.

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49 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #60: Idagu Blessing (Nigeria)

  1. Nice work. I hope you are given an opportunity to share your ideas and get the support need to fully implement this worthwhile initiative.


  2. I think this is a great initiave. I suggest you also take your awareness campaigns to primary schools. Children need to begin to think conciously of their environment.


    • Thank you owolabi. I will take note of your suggestion and hope to implement it as soon as we have the capacity to. thanks once again


  3. Wildlife and natural habitat conservation is a major concern in the protection of the environment. Induscriminate killing of animals is on the rise in Africa and this must be stopped. Well done for taking responsibility.


  4. I saw this initiative on facebook and must say that I am impressed by your efforts. Well done and hope you are selected to share your ideas


    • This initiative is worth sharing. Environmental protection is an important issue of our earth and should be taken seriously. Good work


      • Thank you Efetoma. It is heart warming to know of others who care about the protection of our beloved earth. Thanks for the comment


  5. I am from Akwa Ibom state and I understand how tree felling activity affecting the environment. Kudos to you Blessing for taking up this challenge. Is there a way I can be part of your projects?


    • Thanks Esther. Tree felling is very prevalent in the south and should be reduced. Or at least, tree planting should be encouraged. Thanks for your comments.


  6. Though your video quality is not very clear, I still think you are doing a great job and deserve to share you works with the world at large. Especially at this critical times of environmental degradation


    • Thank you Adams for your comment and observation on the quality of the video. The recording was done with a phone. I am sure it would have been better if it was done with a camera. Thank you all the same for taking time to drop a comment


  7. Tree felling is a major issue in Cross River state and I am happy that someone is taking a stand to address this issue. Well done Blessing for your works. I am proud


    • Thank you Lewa. You are right with your assertion. There is a lot of tree logging going on even as we speak without commensurate rise in tree planting. We hope to lend our voice.


  8. Well done Blessing. I am proud what you are doing to change the world positively in your own little way. I believe that your tree-planting and awareness seminars initiatives would go a long way so sensitize young people and get them involved.

    Kudos to you and hope you are selected to share your ideas on the world stage.


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