Youth Speaker entry #62: Tumukunde Ambrose (Uganda)

Forestry on Top: As we all know that water is life, so also a forest which helps in creating rain that adds more water to water bodies and gives life to nature should be preserved.

As foresters we are trained mostly in practical form, so let’s communicate through the media as we do more practical work in the required places. Remember that most of the forest encroachers are illiterate therefore the media might not work for them and the good thing with these people they know the value of forest and forest products, so if they are well encouraged and provided with the technical knowledge they can do replanting very well. Therefore I call upon the government, NGO’s and other stakeholders to come up and get involved in this programme.

Tumukunde AmbroseAs a youth, I have initiated many youth clubs since my secondary level that is St. Pauls SSS Bukinda, Kabale Trinity College up to date these tree talk clubs are still active.

At Nyabyeya Forestry College, I initiated different youth clubs that is Straight Talk club, Environmental club and Tree club all still active and I established a tree nursery bed which is up to now held by tree club.

I initiated another youth club in my home village in Kabale plus a tree nursery bed, and now I have established a tree nursery bed of mostly indigenous trees around the Gorge Bunyaruguru south western Uganda a place where I have encouraged very many people to plant trees so far more than 40000 seedlings have been planted and more people are showing interest (all these in Uganda).

At least am happy that for every work I do, either casually or in contract form people appreciate my work mostly the private planters. I have also planted over 5Ha of Eucalyptus trees near Kasyoha Kitomi Forest in the forest land which was given to the community surrounding this forest however, some of them had no capacity of planting trees so I paid a member and got a receipt allowing me to plant.

So when I say “forestry on top”, I mean every one is a user of a forest or forest products, and I think over 90% of the world use forest directly or indirectly that is building materials, home utensils, furniture, cooking (firewood, charcoal), medicine, fruits, honey and many others. Its only a forest that makes other fields be active for example agriculture, animal industry, wild life and biodiversity, water and environment even in education. So really it’s our chance today to let the world know as we all support and give thanks to forests.

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One thought on “Youth Speaker entry #62: Tumukunde Ambrose (Uganda)

  1. I did my internship in 2013 at Tumukunde Ambrose’s tree nursery bed, that was in my last year at MUK as a forestry student, he was very organised, and tought us alot about the tree nursery bed, lining out among other forestry activities. THis young man deserves it all.


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