Youth Speaker entry #64: Gbenga Oluwafemi Ajana (Nigeria)

My Project/Initiative is simply a major focus on agriculture and how we can go back to the days of its glorious output and its benefit. Agriculture for years and decades has been ignored because it has been seen as a slow means of gaining or generating funds for every economy, but agriculture is the main natural resource of wealth to men of power from inception. Till the introductions of petroleum, a nation’s wealth and power was quantified by the value of agricultural resources it has. It was effective in many ways and its security was guaranteed for longevity because with proper management agriculture will continue to yield high profit. I am very passionate about re-creating a world where there is abundance of such as we learnt about the days of old.

Gbenga Oluwafemi AjanaMy Project/Initiative, is to simply engage agriculture and its benefit with aggressive yet intelligent processes that will eventually guarantee exceptional output. This project will be actively involved with, production of grains, beans, coffee, fish farming, poultry and cocoa production. Also providing solution to starvation and hunger, in the rural environment/communities. As regards to sales of agricultural produce, it is the vision of this project to reduce the cost of agricultural product as down as possible.

Also one added advantage we are all quick to forget is that, agriculture still have the possibility of been the largest employer of labor. I can boldly predict employment of over five thousand graduate and skilled workers in the first 3 years of this project initiation plus, as an act of humanitarian service to mankind, I am passionate about lending a helping hand to the needy, as I for-see a scenario and period when this project/initiative will be able to provide foodstuffs in large quantities to nations at war, and in period of natural disaster.

By the existence of this project/initiative, there will be reduction in the death of children and adults who will naturally die because of hunger and starvation in rural environment/societies, also bringing the price and cost of food to the lowest minimum will be of tremendous benefit to the low-income earners. Also as regards employment, for every five thousand undergraduate, graduate and skilled workers we provide job opportunities for, that is five thousand potential arm robbers, murderers, drug addicts, insurgent, and perpetrators of all sort of crime we would have taken off the street.

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21 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #64: Gbenga Oluwafemi Ajana (Nigeria)

  1. @ ozioma thank you, yet again another approval that it is a progress driven mandate for us. And we will see it through by God’s grace.


  2. i believe in this initiative, it is what the world need. i believe it is not only an african solution but a world solution. kudos to you sir. more grace, i pray the world hear your voice through this conference as you speak life into people.


  3. Thank you sir @ uncle jerry, it means a lot coming from you, I believe its our duty to build the future we want to see. I will do just that sir this coming week. God bless you


  4. Wow, am blowned away, its a relief to see young people still are passionate about agriculture and its value to sustainable development as in our days. Am impressed by this write, and I believe its the right direction for our nation and even the world at large, we should start producing more from our natural resources. Gbenga please send me the complete memo of this project. May God strengthen you. I believe you will be successful at the conference. You have a voice that the world needs to hear and a message for our future leaders.


  5. Well I must say, I appreciate you all, your comment and views, has helped me a great in realizing am on the right track. Our generation need to take up the barton of excellence by first striving hard to build a sustainable development. What better way to start than through Agriculture.


  6. I believe in this initiative coming from someone who is passionate about the masses and development of the country


  7. He is an outstanding visioneer who is passionate about change in africa and the world at large. in search of providing food and employment including sustainable development. i strongly recommend him for this project and program


  8. i sincerely think this speaker truly addresses the issue and he deserve to be aired on a global platform.


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