Youth Speaker entry #69: Adamu Bashiru (Nigeria)

Dream Again Prison and Youth Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization register with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria.

Our Journey started in 2012, when we established the first library for inmates in Otukpo Prison, Benue State.

Recidivism is on the high side, as most of our prisons are under functioning without meeting up with Human Right Standard of prison across the world which states that educational training should be giving to inmates in prison as a way of rehabilitating and reforming them.

Adamu BashiruOur organization focus on giving prisoners the chance to learn and an opportunity to grow by discovery their dreams, so that when release they can now add value to our society by becoming a source of inspiration to many.

The Vision of Dream Again Prison and Youth Foundation is in “Transforming Prisons in Nigeria”, from an institute of punishment to an academy of positive change.

Our Initiative runs I three progressive stage which include the following:

  • Pre-vocational
  • Vocational and
  • Employability

This we do to help prisoners constructively utilize their time while in incarceration to add value themselves and by so doing encourage reading culture in our nation.

We meet twice in a week that is Monday and Friday, part of our program is to coach inmates on public speaking, team work and also we do show other Tedx videos related to them to inspire them to reach within themselves to give birth to their dreams.

After the three stages of our program, the student will graduates and a certificate of completion of program will be issue to them.

We have receive donation of books from

  • Asian Pacific Institute of Coaching, Malaysia
  • Zacceaus Memorial Library, Lagos Nigeria
  • And from friend’s and love ones
  • Through Dream Again some inmate’s option of fine has been paid and thereby they gain their freedom.
  • For proper identification of Otukpo Prison, Dream Again replaced the old signboard with a new one.
  • We bought phone and gave to the welfare department, to enable prisoners to keep in touch with their love one’s family and Lawyers as it relate to their case in court

We want to work through prisons in Nigeria and hear prisoners talking with their shoulders high, of their dreams and the positive things they want to contribute to society when released.

When we educate a prisoner, we are making our society safe.

Text, photo and video are submitted by Adamu Bashiru (Nigeria) – dreamagainacademy(at)

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96 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #69: Adamu Bashiru (Nigeria)

  1. Great work Bash is doing with Dream Again. His passion for prisoners and his efforts to see that they have a better tomorrow is a great inspiration for me


  2. i have been listening to your motivational discussions and talks on radio every Saturday morning it is quite inspiring especially for young people i believe you are doing a wonderful work even with this prison project all the best !


  3. Great work that takes a man of selflessness n courage. Keep up the good work of making people better and functional memebers of our society.


  4. Nice one, go speak life into the world. I saw Queen Elizabeth giving your friend kelvin award. You are the next to be announced to ur world


  5. Your programme is a divine assignment from heaven, is not easy doing this job. People always see the prison as one fortress where normal people shouldn’t go but you killed that mentality from we the youths. As a matter of fact the prison is a place i’ll start going to preach Christ.


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