Youth Speaker entry #71: Simpson Atwijukire (Uganda)

I am Simpson Atwijukire, (Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from Makerere University). Due to my passion and love for the environment, leadership and most importantly love for fellow youths; I opted to volunteer with Tree Talk, a Livelihoods and Environment initiative of Straight Talk foundation after graduating from University in 2012. Here I believed I would get space to explore my skills and knowledge in impacting communities, the youths but most importantly the environment.

Straight Talk Foundation is a Communication for health and development Non-Governmental Organization that works to ensure that young people are empowered to sustain healthy life styles through a long term perspective that addresses livelihoods and protection of the environment.

Tree Talk provides a link to population, health and environment sectors with in which Straight Talk works aiming to improve rural livelihoods, environment assets and build resilience towards impacts of climate change. My colleagues and I have been able to plant over 3,500,000 trees with the schools, youth groups, communities and individual farmers in the last 3 years of my work. All these seedlings are raised from our 13 tree nurseries each with a 150,000 seedlings capacity per year with at least 30 youths benefiting financially from it directly and indirectly.

Simpson AtwijukireI have trained 336 youths on renewable energy and construction of energy saving cook stoves (Rocket Lorena) aiming at reducing on the rate at which Trees and forests are being cut due to the wood fuel demand by communities. It’s a business model approach so they are paid for every stove they construct by Tree Talk and they have so far in the last 2 years constructed 1,356 cook stoves. My thinking of creating jobs for youths but also addressing an environmental concern was therefore addressed through this initiative.

I have also participated and coordinated establishment of ecological agribusiness gardens in schools and communities and trained young people and community members on basic but best agronomic practices with a business model which has impacted on the lives of over 10,000 youths.

I have also trained farmers on commercial woodlot establishment and many have adapted tree Planting because of the continuous engagements with them that has made them realize that they can improve their house hold income through tree growing. I would gladly love to share my experience with the rest of the world. Please give me this opportunity to share my story on a global platform.

Text, photo and video are submitted by Simpson Atwijukire (Uganda) – atwijukiresimpson(at)

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This post is published as an application by the author, to speak as a youth representative at the World Forestry Congress. Have a look at the other entries too!

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53 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #71: Simpson Atwijukire (Uganda)

  1. Simpson, excellent! This inspires confidence and confirms Uganda and the world are assured of a bright future in young people like you. Keep the good work going.

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  2. All the best as you partake this journey of enriching our youths on the importance of trees to the environment….the greatness of leadership is in you change the world for the better am proud of you rafiki….LETS GO GREEN!!!

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  3. waaaaooooow this is awesome,keep it up and i surely know many of us shall benefit from this or maybe we have alrdy and the whole country at large,i personally love and am in full support.i promise my participation.

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  4. I have always wondered if there youths that can go an extra mile to put the environment at the front of their agenda, now I know you are there, kudos!

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  5. dats gret simpo i would like to join u en we cause change on envitronment. “ENVIRONMENT 4 TODAY EN TOMORROW” lets promote environmental sustainability of our lovely Doctor

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Davis for the encouraging words, I am sure that together we can do bigger things and bring the youths closer to the development agenda but mindful of how much they can contribute to forest sector destruction if left un attended to in terms of livelihood support.

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  6. Thanks you so much Simpson for the good work you have done of preserving our environment and thanks for involving the youth too in the champaign. wishing you all the best in your environmental future plans.

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    • Yes, we can Sorretah…. The world must know that it takes small steps to make bigger steps and with small actions, we can indeed change the climate back to its natural state before man angered it by destroying the forest estate!

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  7. Don’t give up our man, it’s time to fly, yeah you can now fly……it’s time to change our world at large. Let’s all advocate for green nature of our world by supporting our representative none other than Atwijukire Simpson. Entry #71

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  8. Am much impressed with entry 71’s zeal en hard work. Tnx 4 your initiative to keep the environment green, we need leaders like simpson Atwijukire. With you we can, long live Simpson, long live straight talk foundation, long live Green environment.

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    • Thank you Isabella! Join me and we change the global trend on Forestry protection by just a few actions, be mindful of the sources of the wood products to and say no to illegal timber trade and lumbering, that way we shall go a long way in protecting our forests

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  9. Am so pleased having this tremendous en meritorious opportunity of expressing my gratitude for d ardent input by Mr Atwijukire Simpson d environment protection in Uganda.

    Leadership is all about acting en not talking alone. Unlike many of our political leaders who care less about our environment and r quick at signing oil contacts without d full approval of Parliament, Simpson is a true example of a good leader as far as environment protection is concerned.

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  10. am impressed with entry 71’s love for the environment. his impact is huge throughout th pearl of africa and indeed he is worth a chance at the global scene to play a part in the war against climate change and making mother earth a greener and safer place to live

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