Youth Speaker entry #74: Bilel Kriaa (Tunisia)

My project is called “TransVote: The way towards an effective citizenship”. I am the co-founder and the Logistics Manager.

It is a 7-month youth led project that is established by WeYouth in partnership with the Middle East Partnership Initiative. Through this project, WeYouth aims to provide information and raise awareness about the 2014 electoral process, targeting the most disadvantaged citizens located in neglected areas in the rural south of Tunisia.

Bilel KriaaThe project encouraged marginalized groups to vote in the 2014 legislature and presidential elections. The focus was oriented to the governorate of Sfax, Mahdia and Kairouan.

The major activities that TransVote carried out to reach its objectives are:

1) First phase: Organizing round table discussion with civil society organizations in Sfax, Mahdia and Kairouan. The objective was to coordinate and discuss with CSOs how we sensitize people particularly women and youth and increase their participation during the electoral process.

2) Second phase: Organizing an Election Academy which was a 4-day training of trainers in which we educated 75 youth activists, 25 from each governorate, on democratic values, voter education and electoral process.

3) Third phase: Organizing Voter Education sessions in which trainers who participated in the Election Academy were asked to conduct 25 sessions in each governorate. They sensitized people mainly youth, women and illiterate people. A specialist for disabled people moderated these sessions.

4) Fourth phase: Organizing 15 Intensive Trainings in which social activists from targeted regions were trained on voter education, civic engagement, techniques of communication and door to door campaigns. 5 Intensive Trainings were organized in each governorate in the sense that 75 participants were trained and 225 was the whole number of our volunteers in the Intensive Trainings. They supported the awareness campaign in their neighborhood, universities and public spaces.

5) Fifth phase: Organizing Informal Debates. They were public space events debating issues on the elections.

6) Six phase: Organizing two Press Conferences. They aimed at representing the program to local media to discuss the projects, the challenges and the collaboration of all stakeholders.

Finally, we reached over 2500 people whose their awareness have been raised. This is based on pre and post surveys. TransVote was successful and we made a new partnership with MEPI as an extension of the project to work on the municipal elections by the end of the year.

Text, photo and video are submitted by Bilel Kriaa (Tunisia) – kriaabilel(at)

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