Youth Speaker entry #80: Ade Indah Muktamarianti (Indonesia)

My name is Ade Indah Muktamarianti, I’m 20 year old girl from Indonesia. By May 2015 I was honored to be one of Bogor Agricultural University Green Ambassador. As ambassadors, 28 of us were making some environmental projects. We were challenged to make projects which can be easily accomplished not only by the ambassador but also can be implemented for at least Bogor Agricultural university students and approved as an official project of the university.

Ade Indah MuktamariantiTo arrange environment project plan is definitely easy. But when we add some factors to consider about, the things get a little more interesting. Bogor Agricultural University Green Ambassador stands as a youth led initiatives, and so we had to consider that the project supposed to be related with students daily life. the more simple the project is, it would be much more better.

So three of my friends and I were decided to choose paper as the main object of our project because every student of Bogor Agricultural University use paper.

The paper used by either students or officers are often printed one sided only, so there were tons of one sided printed paper that were no longer in use. We were trying to initiate a simple action to make habit of using paper efficiently by reusing one sided print paper into loose leaf paper for binder.

Reusing one sided print paper project has been asked to cooperate with Hilo Green Community Indonesia in November 2015 and been asked to cooperate with Bogor Agricultural University as an official project.
We already gave some loose leaf paper free for Bogor Agricultural University students, we ask for their testimonials and we shared how to make the loose leaf paper.

The project continues until now and we are preparing for our big action to reuse one sided print paper from all over Indonesia as Hilo Green Community Indonesia as our paper supplier.

Text, photo and video are submitted by Ade Indah Muktamarianti (Indonesia) – adeindahm(at)

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