Youth Speaker entry #83: Ojo Temitope (Nigeria)

Nigeria Forests Ecological Restoration Program (NFERP) is a voluntary initiative to conserve part of the Nigeria Cloud Forest by encouraging and participating in massive tree planting, research activities, sustainable living and food production as well as some community development projects.

NFERP Pix 1This will be achieve through the individuals, groups, students and families short term traveling, Volunteering, Learning (TVL) Programme which runs 1 to 4 weeks year round through Cloud Forest Conservation & Sustainable Food Production project , which will be launch on the platform of Sustainable Growth Africa Development Initiative (SUGRADI) with partnership MDAs and other organization .

The objectives of  NFERP are to:

  • Promote the recovery of endangered and threatened green area species
  • Improve plant and animal biodiversity
  • Enhance carbon sequestration.
  • Encourage green area reservation.
  • Encourage sustainable food production.

Cloud Forest Conservation & Sustainable Food Production and Building:
Conservation and Sustainability Volunteers will join this programme all year round from 1 week up to 3 months in duration. Activities include:

  • Planting 150 native trees per person within the group (groups of 4-10)
  • Designing and opening new green area reserves
  • Maintaining existing green area
  • Collecting information for research purpose
  • Maintaining and improving the medicinal nature of forest
  • Alternative animal production
  • Cocoa, banana and citric production
  • Eco-construction
  • Sustainable wood production, and
  • Medicinal garden work

1 or 2 weeks – Traveling, Volunteering and Learning Programme (TVL)
This is a programme which is ideal for volunteers who do not have much time to travel (two weeks), but still want to do something worthwhile and for groups (minimum 5 participants). It includes:

  • reforestation, forest conservation and planting native and endangered species,
  • trip and overnight stay to a local indigenous community,
  • Opportunity to learn about medicinal plants and place priority on traditional medicine production.
  • eco-construction workshops,
  • ecological research techniques,
  • conservation lectures and practices,
  • Visiting local school and nursery.

There is the option to include local languages/ English classes as well. The TVL Programme will be suitable for individuals or groups of students, friends etc.  The dying need for forest conservation can never be over emphasized. The depletion of ozone layer which has devastating consequence on our environment can be tackle to the minimum if afforestation is encouraged.

However, Nigeria Forests Ecological Restoration Program is highly recommended to all in sundry. And the earlier we realize that the climatic change we experiencing is a product of negligence the forest conservation.

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53 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #83: Ojo Temitope (Nigeria)

  1. Great! Green!! initiative project!!!. i like your scheme of forestry……………….. you’re too much!.


  2. very good initiative especially given the environmental challenges bedevilling different countries of the world…….


  3. very good initiative especially given the environmental challenges bedevilling different countries of the world


  4. This is an initiative worthy of note and necessary attention because of the extent to which it could save plant and animal life with respect to the currently experienced degradation and pollution of the earth’s surface by man-induced activities. The neglect also in replenishing the activities of lumbering also necessitates this idea and my hope is that the conception yields fruition.


  5. This initiative from its conceptual design is a sustainable framework that has the potential to achieve set goals and objectives. I wish to see its impact in the nearest future on the environment landscape of Nigeria. Best regards


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