Forests supporting Perawang’s population


Maybe you don’t know where Perawangis is. Maybe Perawang is not familiar for you or there is not Perawang on the map. Yeah, Perawang is my hometown.

First, I want to tell you a little thing about Perawang. Perawang is my birth place. Perawang is located in Riau, Sumatera Island, Indonesia. I spent my totally life in Perawang. And I lived there from my childhood until now (20 years old). I lived and grew up in this village. I live here because my parents worked here. My parents worked here exactly in the pulp and paper industry. This industry needs forest to increase their production. Forests have much impact to fulfill Perawang’s society’s needs. Almost all people in Perawang worked at pulp and paper industry and that is being a primary livelihood in Perawang including for my family.

Since the company was established, the company made a lot of changes in the Perawang village. Many newcomers from the village to work here. So that the pulp and paper companies have become a source of livelihood in Perawang. At first the Perawang village was a deserted town and covered with natural forest. But now, with the increasing number of people working at the company, other opportunities opened. All because of the forest in Perawang and the pulp and paper industry.

Forests are very sufficient for the needs of the population in Perawang and Perawang’s population was highly dependent on the forest. Forests are helping the economy of communities in Perawang. That includes my parents, who worked at the company for 25 years. With good management, forest helped to advance the living standard of the population here such as establishment of shopping centers, restaurant, residence, increasing agriculture, market place, education, road construction, bridge construction, health service, etc.

I think that without the forest in Perawang, Perawang would be a deserted village and many companies would closed. How extraordinary it is that forests provide benefits in my hometown, Perawang. Forests for socioeconomic development and food security give an impact in the Perawang village.

There is a linkage program among the large industry with a small industry by Department of Industry and Local Government Dati I Riau. These include leather industry, footwear industry leather, batik, garment apparel, metal casting, traditional weaving Siak, metallic paint and others. Thus, the presence of forest opportunities for other industries to continue to thrive. The business opportunities create new labor opportunities and new entrepreneurs. The programs for socio-economic development and food security greatly assist the government to develop the region.
From year to year, the population of Perawang continue to increase.

There have been transmigrants in Perawang as so manydevelopments are being planned in Perawang. From my hometown Perawang, I want to tell the reader that the forest had such a remarkable impact in the development of my village. With proper management of my village, which was a backward village, but now has become advanced due to the forest. The children here do not miss the technology and be able to follow development because of its easy to access information.

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2 thoughts on “Forests supporting Perawang’s population

  1. Thank you for sharing with us your experience! Our organization (Reforestamos Mexico) believes that forest enterprises promote a sustainable change. We think people can live in harmony with nature. Congratulations.


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