“I Am Not a Waste”

Building resilience with forests

Building resilience with forests

Africa is blessed with natural and human resources but the attitude to manage these resources are lacking in our minds. Few personalities have tried to improve the standard of living of people in this region of the world but it just couldn’t work due to our general attitude.

Some countries have resulted to packaging bottles or sachets of water. This has contributed to level of environmental pollution through indiscriminate waste disposal. The used bottles or sachets of water are regularly discarded into the street after consumption and this has resulted into havoc that causes destruction of lives and properties.

Lack of proper management of production and adoption of good disposal techniques for the wastes made has become a major concern since most people resort to burning techniques. It is appalling to drive by and see litters of plastics on the streets, inside the drainage, markets, schools and also government places.

The Forest Products Development and Utilization Department of Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria has as one of her mandate to reutilize wood wastes generated from sawmills. These wastes have become a major challenge to the environmentalists, researchers and the general public. The major concern arises from the mechanism of disposal which is the burning technique adopted.

In the wake of the campaign against emission of carbon cases or the need therefore to use the wood wastes for the production of composites has become pertinent if not inevitable. In the department, vigorous researches have been going on to reduce the menace generated by these waste materials in our communities.

The department has been able to produce viable domestic and structural products from the combination of the two most notorious environmental wastes in Africa to produce composites. Wood plastic lumber are produced from the combination of wood waste and plastic wastes, due to the high technological involvement in the purchase of the machines (extruder and injector moulding machine), the department went ahead to fabricate locally made machines for the production of these products. Collection of the wastes materials from the street helps to clean the environment and also provide job opportunity for others. Apart from cleaning the street, the most important aspect of this work is that it helps in managing the forest estate, in such that branches could be prune and milling to powder that will act as filler.

This has gone a long way to reduce the pressure on forest estate, environment will be mitigated while the poverty level would be reduced, jobs will be created for the youth and income per capital of people will surely increase.

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6 thoughts on ““I Am Not a Waste”

  1. Utilisation of wood wastes is such a novel way of protecting our environment and maximising the usefulness of forest resources, keep up the good work FRIN


  2. seriously,I am blown away by this price. I want to believe that with the effort of these people,we will have a good environment to live in . thank you


  3. Intermediate technology as creation and local ingenuity, has always been an alternative to the high costs of importing sophisticated technology from abroad .. I congratulate Nigeria for the management of waste pollutants.


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