If trees could talk…

if trees could talk

If trees could talk, what would they say? It’s an interesting and intriguing question that I’m sure will have a thousand different answers, possibly all of them right.

More importantly, the trees could probably tell their story much better than we humans could. And that’s a problem for us.

Our woods and forests give us the air we breathe, medicines, heat and shelter, and so much more. We have a wonder product – wood. Beautiful, strong, reliable, warm. It has always provided us with houses and heat, now it’s also fueling our factories, cars and trucks. And it will keep growing long after we run out of coal, gas and oil. Its production can be environmentally friendly, truly sustainable. Rural communities benefit from the economic impacts of timber production, from forest recreation, from attractive, productive landscapes, and so much more. Our woods and forests are the most incredible story.

Unfortunately, it’s a story not well told.

We want to take the opportunity of World Forestry Congress to change that. To encourage better forestry communications, improved dialogue, build clearer understanding and, of course, forge some new relationships.

Check out our blog around the Communications session and the programme of the #Comms session at #Forests2015

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