APRIL Group to Discuss Landscape Approach to Peatland Restoration at World Forestry Congress

RER dalam

Indonesian pulp and paper company, APRIL Group, aims to highlight the importance of peatland forest protection and ecosystem restoration using the landscape approach at the World Forestry Congress 2015, where the company will speak at two sessions:

‘Investing in sustainable landscapes for the triple win’: Tuesday, 8 September at 10:30am – 12:30pm in Hall 1B

Landscape approaches to restoring forests and other degraded lands’: Wednesday, 9 September at 19:45-21:00 in Room 12D (note change of venue!); with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and Fauna & Flora International (dinner to be served)

Indonesia’s peatlands are one of the most sensitive ecosystems in the world and the Kampar Peninsula in Sumatra is one of the largest peatland areas in Southeast Asia. Its tropical forests are rich in biodiversity and support many threatened wildlife species, including the Sumatran tiger. As a deep peat landscape, the Kampar Peninsula retains exceptionally high carbon stocks. It is imperative that the Kampar Peninsula is properly managed to restore and conserve this critical peatland ecosystem.

Launched in 2013, Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER) is a multi-year ecosystem restoration initiative that employs a landscape approach to protect and restore 70,000 hectares of peat forest. The RER license granted by the Indonesian Government is the first to be given to a private sector company, highlighting the critical role that the private sector plays in Indonesia’s conservation efforts. Partners include Flora & Fauna International and local social NGO, Bidara, at Kampar Peninsula.

As well as inviting the media to attend these sessions, Mr Goh Lin Piao, APRIL Group Managing Director, welcomes the opportunity to talk more about the challenges and lessons of sustainable forestry management in Indonesia and APRIL’s responses to these.

Contact: Lucita Jasmin (Director for External Affairs) – lucita_jasmin(at)aprilasia.com

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