How to submit a post to the #Forests2015 blog?

blog logo We encourage everyone to submit blogposts for our #Forests2015 blog.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Your post should be enticing and geared towards engagement. Here are some tips on how to write a good blogpost. Your blogpost should not be longer than a maximum of two screen pages.
  • Your post should be in MS Word format (or compatible editors). The MS Word file should only contain basic formatting (e.g. no tables), making it easier for the blog uploaders. If links are to be embedded, links should be added with the MSword hyperlink function.
  • Your picture (which will be displayed at the top of your post) should be at least 450 pixels wide, and be of good quality. You can submit your picture in .jpg or .png format. Do NOT embed the caption text in your picture, but mention it in your blogpost text.
  • At the bottom of the blogpost, there should be two mentions:
    • “Blogpost author:” with the name of the person who wrote blog, eventually with a link to the website of the author and his/her email address. You can submit blogposts anonymously. Mention it clearly in your blogpost, so we can mention “The author of this blogpost is known to the blog administrators. He/she preferred not to mention his/her name.”.
    • “Picture:” followed by a description/caption of the picture, the name of the photographer and eventually a link to the website of the photographer. Make to respect the copyright in (re-)using the picture.
  • We can embed videos or other media. Attach the media to your blogpost or include a link to the media (e.g. on YouTube or Slideshare)
  • Your blogpost can be in English, French or Spanish.
  • Submit your blogpost by email to our social media coordinator – p.casier(at), attaching the MSword file and the picture or other media

Our blog editors will scan your submission for grammar problems or typos. We might also do some light structural editing, such splitting up longer paragraphs, to make the text easier to read.

We will not check for factual errors in your post. Each author is responsible for the factual content of his/her own blogpost.

We will send you a mail once your blogpost is online. We encourage all authors to check their posts regularly for incoming comments. Those comments are manually screened for spam and released several times per day, by the blog administrators. We strongly recommend blog authors to moderate the discussions on their blogpost via the comments, by providing answers/replies in the same comments section.

If you have any questions, please contact the #Forests2015 Social Media Coordinator p.casier(at)

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