Coming to the World Forestry Congress? Join the #Forest2015 social reporters!

forests2015 team

Doesn’t the #Forests2015 tag look nice on the participants’ bag? Join us!

Over the past months, we assembled over three hundred people in our #Forests2015 social media team. They are a mix of social media volunteers, youth and communications professionals, all supporting the World Forestry Congress.

Some work for the organisations or institutions participating in the Congress and others work for our partners or other organisations. Most of our social reporters, though, are social media enthusiasts, who contribute to our online outreach through their own networks.

About seventy of us will be onsite at the Congress, while many are supporting us remotely in various social media activities, ranging from writing or editing blogposts, uploading videos and pictures, spreading different content pieces via Twitter, Facebook, etc..

Our onsite group, “the #Forests2015 social reporters”, coordinate their activities via an online Google Group discussion forum and a Facebook Group.

Are you coming to the Congress? Do join our onsite social reporting team. Even if you can’t come to the event itself, you participate in the social reporting project, online.

Interested in joining? Send our social media coordinator an email: Peter Casier – p.casier(at)cgiar(dot)org – and we’ll plug you into our team!

All social reporters are invited to our first social media briefing at the World Forestry Congress, Sunday Sept 6 as of 14:00-17:00 in Room 11AB (Ground floor at the ICC – the Congress venue).

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