Making water available for everyone, everywhere


Watersheed forests

Forests use water and water comes from forests. For the last 50 years, water resources have continued to decline amidst a changing climate with declining forest cover. Worldwide, more than one in six people still do not have access to safe drinking water and approximately 80% of the global population lives in areas where water resources are insecure

Despite all this, access to water remains a human right and for anything that threatens its availability is an enemy to life and human dignity.

Making water available for today and tomorrow, for everyone and everywhere not only remains a responsibility for all of us but also one of the greatest challenges of our time. This will among others involve maintenance of healthy ecosystems including forests. Thus, forests and trees will play their natural role of regulating surface and groundwater flows; maintaining high water quality; reducing water-related risks, such as landslides, floods and droughts; and contributing to prevention of desertification and salinization. 

As global demand for fresh water rises as water gets less and less available, policy and decision makers must make hard decisions and trade-offs with regard to economic so that forest ecosystem services particularly water provision are sustained. 

Remember, water does not come from the taps. It comes from somewhere we must all conserve with concerted efforts. Conserving our forests will sustain water availability for food, sanitation, hygiene, energy and health for today and for the generations to come.

Blogpost input based on input by Ceaser Kimbugwe – kaycea333(at)
Picture courtesy – Nature Pictures Co

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