Dialogues for better forests

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More Forests, Better Future

On 7 September, after the opening ceremony of the XIV World Forestry Congress (WFC) in Durban South Africa, the High Level Dialogue on Global Forest Agenda was held.

The main message from this session was clear: we are gathered at the congress to motivate and remind each other of our purpose to build a better future for forests. This is the reason for holding the congress.

Ms. Tiina Wahanen, Associate Secretary General of the WFC, remarked on the importance to form international dialogues to overcome world forestry problems.  She also added that this is the importance of the congress – to conduct international dialogues among many institutions, organisations and country representatives.

Her perspective reflects the perspectives of other speakers as well. They are here and ready to discuss and in addition, offer support and carry out collaborative actions.

H.R.H. Prince Laurent of Belgium, FAO Special Ambassador for Forests and the Environment, said our role in the WFC is to advocate for our better forestry, potentially through developing innovation.

And who better to take on this role but us? We, who are here participating in the congress, who have the power to engage with millions of people out there who are not able to make it to Durban?

Through dialogue, it is possible to discuss the biggest problems in forestry, such as the type of investment in forests, forestry and forest communities. These are significant in order to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals and to fight against climate change.

The high-level dialogue at the WFC is important in contributing to better forestry, especially for the future generation. Dialogue is important. But what will be even more important, are the actions and commitments resulting from the dialogue. Will you be part of it?

Blogpost by Bugi Sumirat  – bugisumirat(at)gmail.com
Picture courtesy – Paper Mart

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