Are we losing the boreal Intact Forest Landscapes?


According to research, Mr Nikolay Shmatkov, the Forest Program Head for WWF Russia, during the speakers corner at the WFC 2015, indicated that the rate of loss of boreal Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs) decreased by 7.5% between 2000 and 2013. This is 21,000,000 ha.

The loss of IFLs is mainly attributed to man-made fires (60%), logging (23%) and mining (17%) The absence of available timber from secondary resources at reasonable prices is a major contributor to the problem.

The destruction of IFLs leads to negative social and economic factors for communities and investment and management in secondary forests is critical for the sustainability of IFL’s. The establishment of secondary forests will aid rural development through employment and income generation.

Mr Shmatkov is hopeful that the research results will help to raise awareness and lead to the implementation of measures to halt the forest degradation in Russia.

The comprehensive research report can be viewed here.

Blogpost by Joey Lascelles – joeyl(at)
Picture courtesy Bryan Evans (NRDC)

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