$4.50 + tenure = a sustainable income from cinnamon trees in Vietnam


My name is Hoang Thi Chuyen, a Tay ethnic woman from Viet Nam, living in Ba Khe 3 village, Cat Thinh commune, Van Chan district, Yen Bai province. I am the Chairwoman of Ba Khe 3 Women’s Union.

My family has always lived near the forest. One of my strongest memories is from 1993, when my family was very poor. Actually not only my family but others in my village as well lacked food. We only had cassava and sweet potatoes to eat. We did not have enough clothes to wear or food to eat. We were hungry. One day it was raining, but I decided to go to the forest to find bamboo and wild vegetables to sell so I could get some rice and meat for my children. I was successful that day, and my children were fully fed. I was so happy I cried.

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World Forestry Congress – Worlds of Possibilities for Africa


Gerhard Dieterle (Adviser, Forests and Landscapes Climate Finance, World Bank)

This week nearly 2000 representatives from governments, civil society, the private sector, and academia are gathered in Durban, South Africa for the 14th World Forestry Congress (WFC).  It’s a unique moment as this is the first time an African country has hosted the WFC – very fitting, given how much Africa could benefit from the increased resilience, reduced vulnerability, job creation, and economic benefits that forests bring.

Forests and trees have a particularly important role to play in low-income countries where they contribute an average of 7% to GDP compared to 1% in middle-income and 0.2% high-income countries.  In fact, the 7% figure is an underestimation given much of the forests sector is informal.

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Why building supply chain integrity is key to managing operational and reputational risk


To succeed in an increasingly resource-constrained and competitive wood products market, companies need to manage operational and reputational risk. That requires a transition from a short-term buying approach into a long-term system of building and managing the integrity of the value chain of wood products, says Angel Llavero Cruz, WWF Forest Product Markets and Supply Chain Coordinator, who reflects in this article on the importance for businesses to manage supply chain integrity and the role of FSC.

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TREEHOUSING (HABITAT EN BOIS) Concours international de design du bois

Wood structure (part 4)

Dans le cadre du XIVe Congrès forestier mondial l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (OAA, ou FAO en anglais) et l’institut de formation et de recherche Design Build Research School (DBR) font appel à des candidatures pour le concours international de design du bois, intitulé TREEHOUSING (HABITAT EN BOIS).

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Concurso Fotográfico Bosques y Gente

Integrating forests and other land uses

Los bosques y los árboles son importantes para el bienestar y los medios de vida de la gente en todo el mundo, sobre todo de las poblaciones de las áreas rurales. Cientos de millones de personas dependen de los bosques para su suministro de alimentos, energía y vivienda. Los bosques tienen un enorme potencial para contribuir al desarrollo sostenible y a una economía más verde.

Participe en el Concurso Fotográfico Bosques y Gente para ayudar a concienciar sobre la importancia de los bosques para las personas hoy y para las generaciones futuras ¡y podrá ganar un viaje al congreso!

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