Taraaaaa!… Here are the #Forests2015 Youth Speakers!


Many thanks to all the enthusiastic young people from around the world that submitted entries to be considered as a youth speaker for the XIV World Forestry Congress (WFC) 2015, which will take place from September 7th – 11th 2015 in Durban, South Africa.

We received 84 entries of outstanding youth-led initiatives from every continent. This year’s competition for youth speaker slots was very keen, and a pleasure to witness what youth are promoting and accomplishing for the Future of Forests.

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Youth Speaker entry #84: Daniel Omondi (Kenya)

Today we face the threats of climate change, depleted resources and extreme social disparities globally which lead to poverty, war, and environmental destruction. We believe that change is in our hands. We also believe that sustainability is not an ideal, but the pragmatic imperative of responsible global citizens who care about the future welfare of our planet and its inhabitants. We are a team of 14 young people from Kenya, Germany and the USA empowered by experienced international mentors, and we are acting now to secure a sustainable future for generations tomorrow.

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Youth Speaker entry #82: Dauda Temitope Hauwa (Nigeria)

Since my childhood, I have loved Green. I have developed passion for Sustainable forest Development and Biodiversity conservation in my Nigeria and the world at large, and my background in Forest Economic and management have augmented my capacity as a Forestry professional.

I have just concluded a project on assessment of Biodiversity and threats to sustainable management of woody species in the agroecosystem of Dutsin-Ma local government area, Katsina State Nigeria which is a semi-arid zone of Nigeria. Globally, forest management objectives priorities trees which are “timber viable” and situated in the “forest” without taking trees in agroecosystems in cognizance.

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Youth Speaker entry #81: Megan Rowlatt (Australia)

Illawarra Intrepid Landcare is an Illawarra based Landcare group on the east coast of Australia, NSW, which engages young people aged late teens to thirty-something year olds. The group moves around and assists existing Bushcare, Landcare and other conservation groups with their local environmental projects.

Activities range from planting trees to seed collections, removing weeds and fencing for conservation, wildlife monitoring and mapping activities.

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Youth Speaker entry #80: Ade Indah Muktamarianti (Indonesia)

My name is Ade Indah Muktamarianti, I’m 20 year old girl from Indonesia. By May 2015 I was honored to be one of Bogor Agricultural University Green Ambassador. As ambassadors, 28 of us were making some environmental projects. We were challenged to make projects which can be easily accomplished not only by the ambassador but also can be implemented for at least Bogor Agricultural university students and approved as an official project of the university.

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Youth Speaker entry #79: Ena Peeva (Macedonia)

Why are you guys here? Any hands? How come you are all here, looking so interested to follow my presentation?

This morning when I woke up, I asked myself, why are you waking up? Why do you want coffee? Why are you here? I learnt to play this why game from my now, seven year old cousin Luca. He is asking why on everything. 06 in the morning, 12 in the afternoon 8 at the night, it is a perfect time to ask why.

Honestly guys, the things with the kids why-ies are they never stop, never ever! As I spent a lot of time with them, I found myself asking too much WHY-ies as well, but I also included HOW, especially when I am not sure about something and in order to avoid to look uninterested. WHY and HOW are my two magic words!

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Youth Speaker entry #78: Biozid Jessorey (Bangladesh)

Hi I am Biozid. I grow up in Khulna, Bangladesh. Which is one of the top climate effected cities in the world. We have world largest mangrove Sundorbon and largest river delta. It also recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There are 84 species of mangroves and mangrove associates; there are 12 million people live in sundorbon. Two-thirds of population does not have access to safe water, and only 17% of the population is connected to the electricity grid, 2014 World Bank report.

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Youth Speaker entry #77: Christoforos Pavlakis (Greece)

There has been a number of resolutions by international donors and development agencies to forest protection with respect to the rights of indigenous people and other forest communities, and produce benefits to them in any action plans.

In Cambodia, there have been examples, where local people have opposed forest carbon projects that failed to consult them, displaced them from their lands or have not provided a fair share of revenues.

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Youth Speaker entry #76: Kelvin Ogholi (Nigeria)

UNFIRE Nigeria helps farmers in Nigeria make more money by proving them with low-cost poultry feeds that cost a fraction of the prices of conventional feeds, thereby facilitating productivity increases by 50%. Feeds are made from an organic farm and environmental waste compound made up primarily of a combination of Mango seeds, Cassava Waste and Water Hyacinth etc..

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