Youth Speaker entry #75: Anggela Michi (Peru)

Hola mi nombre es ANGGELA MICHI QUIJANO, tengo 27 años, me forme como INGENIERO FORESTAL Y MEDIO AMBIENTE en la Universidad Nacional Amazónica de Madre de Dios.

Soy de Madre de Dios, departamento ubicado en la amazonia del Perú, al suroeste del estado peruano. Cuenta con una población aproximada de 300 mil habitantes, de los cuales el 40% se dedica a la actividad minera. Esta actividad es la más rentable pero también ha generado grandes impactos al medio ambiente destruyendo y contaminando sus ecosistemas y fuentes de aguas.

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Youth Speaker entry #74: Bilel Kriaa (Tunisia)

My project is called “TransVote: The way towards an effective citizenship”. I am the co-founder and the Logistics Manager.

It is a 7-month youth led project that is established by WeYouth in partnership with the Middle East Partnership Initiative. Through this project, WeYouth aims to provide information and raise awareness about the 2014 electoral process, targeting the most disadvantaged citizens located in neglected areas in the rural south of Tunisia.

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Youth Speaker entry #73: Yusuf Adeniyi Adeyemo (Nigeria)

“APIFORESTRY as a Sustainable Investment Project for People & Future”?: What necessitates this initiative?

As vegetation is being cleared for agriculture and other purposes, the conventional forests are gradually replaced by integrating trees into agricultural landscapes. Similarly, apiculture is emerging as a promising non-farm activity with great potential for economic advancement of resource poor rural dwellers.

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Youth Speaker entry #71: Simpson Atwijukire (Uganda)

I am Simpson Atwijukire, (Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from Makerere University). Due to my passion and love for the environment, leadership and most importantly love for fellow youths; I opted to volunteer with Tree Talk, a Livelihoods and Environment initiative of Straight Talk foundation after graduating from University in 2012. Here I believed I would get space to explore my skills and knowledge in impacting communities, the youths but most importantly the environment.

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Youth Speaker entry #70: Brice Delagneau (Côte d’Ivoire)

La Côte d’Ivoire perd chaque année 200000 hectares de forêts. Pour reconstituer son couvert forestier, le Gouvernement ivoirien s’est fixé un objectif de reboisement de 20% de la superficie du territoire national. Pour soutenir cette politique du Gouvernement, AMISTAD ambitionne reboiser 5000 hectares de forêts sur une période de cinq ans soit 1000 hectares de forêts à reboiser chaque année à compter de l’année 2016.

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Youth Speaker entry #68: Aigbedion Mercy Ekeata (Nigeria)

Forest Re-New Initiative (FRI) aims to achieve improved livelihoods for people living in the North-West Zone of Nigeria, which is highly prone to desertification. With a growing human population and very high dependence on trees especially for energy for heating and cooking; there is a widening gap of fuelwood availability due to massive deforestation to meet daily needs. Women are particularly vulnerable and face a lot of stress in the search for firewood which is becoming more scarce and expensive by the day.

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Youth Speaker entry #67: Tseko Pule (South Africa)

Forests are an integral part of our everyday lives. It serves as a provision of food to its inhabitants, wood fuel, building materials, and to some extent use of medicines and also employment and cash income from tourists. However, it is also of great significance to voice out cautious use of such resources (forests). Exploitation of forests can lead to loss of biodiversity which has a lot more consequences to the ecosystem.

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