Introduction to the Congress themes

The central theme of the XIV World Forestry Congress (WFC) is Forests and People: Investing in a Sustainable Future. The aim is to show that investment in forestry is an investment in people and, in turn, an investment in sustainable development. The XIV WFC will emphasize the role of forests in income generation, employment creation and equity and the vital links between forests and climate change, biodiversity conservation and sustainable water resources. It will explore the governance structures that best promote implementation of sustainable management of all types of forests.

The key cross-cutting focus of the XIV WFC is investment in forestry. The XIV WFC will examine the need for, and the advantages of, investing in:

  • the enabling environment – especially policy and institutional;
  • people – building capacity at all levels, knowledge and education in forestry, community-based forest institutions, and other human capital;
  • assets – such as forests and value-added production, largely by the private sector.

Investment opportunities will increase and forestry will become more attractive as an investment prospect in light of the growing importance of forests in reducing poverty, achieving food and nutritional security, addressing climate change, conserving water, producing energy and improving urban environments.

What change is needed? What information is needed? What dialogue is needed?

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