Announcing the #Forests2015 Blog Competition — Showcase your forestry projects!


“Even if you choose not to blog, you can certainly expect your papers and ideas will be increasingly blogged about.
So there it is – blog or be blogged.”

— Professor Paul Knoepfler, UC Davis

There are many people – scientists, farmers, communities, governments, universities and their students, private individuals and companies – who are working on great forestry projects.

Through our #Forests2015 blog for the XIV World Forestry Congress, we want to provide YOU the platform to showcase YOUR work.

Anyone can submit a blogpost and help to significantly boost awareness, engagement and investments in forestry: Students can describe their project and field experience. Researchers can illustrate their findings. Farmers can submit stories on how they converted research to practice. Policymakers and advocacy groups can showcase the projects they implemented…

Here is what we would like you to do

  • Write a blogpost of approximately 500 to 1,000 words
  • … which describes your forestry project, your newest initiative, your finest invention, your ingenious idea for which you would like support, your latest research findings.
  • … and decide in which one of the six Congress sub-themes your post fits:
    • Forests for socioeconomic development and food security
    • Building resilience with forests
    • Integrating forests and other land uses
    • Encouraging product innovation and sustainable trade
    • Monitoring forests for better decision-making
    • Improving governance by building capacity
  • Find a great picture to go with your post
  • Email the blogpost and picture to p.casier(at)

Here is what we will do

  • We will publish your blogpost and picture on the #Forests2015 blog, and possibly other online media
  • We will spread your post through our vast social media network
  • And… your blogpost will enter into our competition

A competition… How do you win?

Each competition entry will be an individual post on our blog. The winners will be determined in two steps:

First selection:

The first selection of the top ten posts will be based on the appreciation of your entry by the online public. We will pick the top ten, based on:

  • How many “Likes” the post gets: How many people clicked on the “Like” button below the post;
  • How many comments each blogpost gets: We encourage “dialogue” and we would like every blogpost to be an opportunity for the online public to exchange views and feedback about the project or initiative you describe;
  • How many times your blogpost was viewed.

The “First selection” score will be calculated with the formula:
      First selection score = (5 * #comments) + (2 * #likes) + (#views)


  • You can only “Like” a post if you have a account
  • Submitted comments are not published immediately: to avoid spam, we manually screen the comments before releasing them. We release comments at least once a day, but this nevertheless causes some delay between the moment a comment is entered and when it appears on the blogpost.

Final selection:

A panel of judges will give a final score on the top 10 posts. The panel consists of scientists, communications specialists and experts in sustainable development.

They will, individually, score each blog entry based on the project or initiative you presented (originality, impact, sustainability…) and the way you presented the project in a blogpost. We will total the individual judges’ score to make the final score.

What can you win?

We have two competition categories: One for youth (up to 35 yrs), and one open competition.
The top three blogposts for every competition category will be announced live at the XIV World Forestry Congress.

The prizes are announced in this blogpost.

Make your blogpost exciting!

We want blogposts. We are not looking for dissertations, nor abstracts.

We are looking for inspiring stories that create enthusiasm about the current achievements and future potentials of forestry. We are looking for blogposts which are thrilling, and fun to read.

As the online community will judge your post, not only on the content, but also HOW it is presented, keep these simple tips on “How to write a good blogpost” in mind.

The timeline

Deadline for submissions: August 15 midnight CET
Closing the public voting: August 20 midnight CET
Jury votes: August 31
Announcement of the winners: The winner will also be publicly announced at the Congress as well as on our blog.

We will acknowledge every blogpost submission by email. We will publish every blogpost within three working days after submission, and email you the URL of your entry once it is online.

Technical details: How to submit your competition blogpost?

  • Your blogpost can be 500-1,000 words, and needs to be written in English, French or Spanish
  • The blogpost will be published as is…. We will scan the entry for obvious grammar and syntax errors, and we might edit the layout for better reading. But we will not edit the content.
  • Once published, the blogpost will not be edited for corrections or amendments
  • Your blogpost needs to be submitted in a MS Word or plain text file.
  • The blogpost should NOT contain any formatting (e.g tables). Do not include pictures within the text (the blogpost file).
  • One main picture should be attached to your submission email, as a separate file. This picture will be displayed at the top of your blogpost. The main picture should be of good quality, and at least 450 px wide. You can submit up to two additional pictures to be embedded within the blogpost.
  • At the bottom of your blogpost file, include:
    • The caption for the picture(s)
    • The credits for the picture(s). Please do not use pictures with a copyright, unless you have permission to use the picture from the copyright holder
    • Which Congress sub-theme you select for your post
    • Your name, email address, city and country (and if applicable, the name of your company/institute/organisation and your function).
    • If you select to enter the “Youth” or “Open” category. If you select “youth”, please indicate your age
  • Your blog competition entry should be an original blogpost, which was not published on another site before. Each individual can submit up to three posts in the blog competition.
  • If you are unable to find an appropriate picture, we will use a generic picture from our photo library
  • It is advised to embed links in your blogpost, to illustrate “further reading” or reference material
  • Submit your blog competition entries by email to Peter Casier – p.casier(at)
    Your email should have at least two attachments: your blogpost and the main picture. Please put “Forests2015 blog competition” in your subject line.

For any further inquiries: Please contact Peter Casier – p.casier(at)

Picture courtesy Channel4

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