Join our #Forests2015 social media team!


Are you familiar with things like “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “blogging”, “vlogging”, “podcasting”,…? Join us!
Or if those words sound like gibberish to you, well… you are welcome too!

Experienced social media users, professionals, volunteers, journalists as well as novices are equally welcome in the social media team of the XIV World Forestry Congress (#Forests2015) held in Durban (South Africa), on 7-11 Sept 2015…

We are assembling a large team of social media volunteers to support the conference. The volunteers can participate either online, or at the event itself.

Join our #Forests2015 social reporters volunteering team:

Our team is a mixture of professionals and young volunteers. Some work for the organisations participating in the Congress and others work for our partners or other organisations. Most of our social reporters, though, are social media enthusiasts, who contribute to our social media outreach through their own networks.

Some of our volunteers are present at the Congress itself, but many are supporting us remotely in various social media activities, ranging from writing or editing blogposts, uploading videos and pictures, spreading different content pieces via Twitter, Facebook, etc..

Our social reporters coordinate their activities via an online Google Group discussion forum, and have already started their work for the event. Each contributes whatever they can into the discussions, dependent on their time availability, expertise and eagerness…

The real exciting part is “while doing, we learn”: having such a large and diverse social reporting team, gives us a wealth of experience, which allows our social reporters to learn from each other.

You don’t have to fulfill any criteria to be part of our social reporting team, other than being enthusiastic about our causes: forestry, agroforestry,  sustainable development, natural research management, …

Even if you can’t come to the event itself, you can still participate online. You’ll be able to contribute to the group’s discussions, help with the social media outreach, or even report via one of our live webcasts!

Interested? Send our social media coordinator an email: Peter Casier – p.casier(at)cgiar(dot)org – and we’ll plug you into our team!

Are you a professional communicator? Join our Social Media Bootcamp!

If you are a professional communicator working for an organisation or institute participating in the Congress, and plan to attend the Congress, we’re happy to integrate you into our onsite social media team, reporting live from the Congress!

To help you prepare, we are offering a free Social Media Bootcamp prior and during the Congress. (Check here for more details)

Picture courtesy: Jason A. Howie

5 thoughts on “Join our #Forests2015 social media team!

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  3. I truly believe in true subsidiarity and true self-mobilization in order to achieve bottom up approach in pursuing achievement of true sustainable goals by family farm entrepreneurs. The dialogue and discussion will truly enhance these!
    Michael Ogolla
    Team Leader


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