Youth Speaker entry #26: Achmad Solikhin (Indonesia)

Two my friends, Anggita Putri Chaerani and Haqqy Rerian Erlangga, and I established an environmental networking platform based eco-projects in Indonesia which was well-known as the Indonesian Green Action Forum (IGAF). This platform engages children, youths and local communities for preserving the environment sustainably by executing the IGAF eco-projects.

The main objective of IGAF is to embody sustainable environment in Indonesia. More than 55 eco-projects – emphasizing on forestry, agriculture, tropical biodiversity, climate change, food, water and energy (nexus), pollution, fishery and so forth – have been executed by about 1500 IGAF members & participants. Below are examples of the IGAF Eco-projects focusing on forestry realms: Climate Smart Forestry, Young Forester School, Agroforestry Education, Mangrove Forest Rehabilitation, Jepara’s Biocomposite, TN. Karimunjawa Conservation, Coastal Mangrove Park, Social Forestry, etc. For the detail, please refer IGAF Fanpage.

Achmad SolikhinMost of these projects are intended to address environmental problems through sustainable real actions not mumbo-jumbo; to increase environmental awareness of children, youths and local communities; and to establish small environmental community enterprises. IGAF Standing Boards have initiated to establish networking both at the level of national and international. Nationally, we have established about 25 IGAF local committees in some Indonesian universities and schools, such as at IPB, UI, ITB, UGM, UNRI, UNNES, UNDIP, UIN Bandung, UMY, UNSOED, UNTIRTA, UNIBRAW, SD N 2 Jambu, SMA N 1 Bangsri, etc. For expanding international partnership, we also recruit overseas members from Brunei, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and the Phillipines.

Yet, the IGAF eco-projects executed have been supported financially and non-financially by UNESCO RUSHAP & Jakarta, GEF Small Grants Programme UNDP Jakarta, UNEP TUNZA SEAYEN, UNESCO Sandwatch Foundation, SEAMEO BIOTROP, YUNGA, Tunza Eco-generation, Eubios Ethics Institute, UNEP TUNZA SAYEN, World Youth Foundation and YPARD. IGAF received some prestigious awards, such as UNESCO Youth-Ied Initiative Grants Scheme, SEAMEO Youth Environment Outreach, CCA and CCM of Small Grants Programme UNDP, UNEP SAYEN Handprint Challenge, and UNESCO Sandwatch Sustainable Beach Snapshot.

IGAF was appointed by the World Water Council and Government of South Korea to organize the Citizen’s Forum entitled ‘the Banyu Javanese Ballet and Water Projects Edu-sharing”. IGAF got great chances to participate in UN agencies meeting such as UN High Level Panel Eminent People Meeting on the 2015 Development Agenda, 6th UNEP TUNZA SEAYEN Meeting, 7th UNEP SEAYEN Meeting & SIWW, UN Side Events of the 7th WWF, and UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador.

Text, photo and video are submitted by Achmad Solikhin (Indonesia) – moslemtttlovemom(at)

The content, structure and grammar is at the discretion of the author only.

This post is published as an application by the author, to speak as a youth representative at the World Forestry Congress. Have a look at the other entries too!

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929 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #26: Achmad Solikhin (Indonesia)

  1. pemuda begini ini yang akan memiliki potensi sebagai pemimpin untuk menduduki posisi penting di masa depan…….


  2. I am very proud of holding an event like this. very appropriate in this globalization era, who do not understand and care about the environment. eco education is the first step towards the Earth beautiful, green and cool. Go green, go..Go green, go green go..Go, Go Green, Go Green SMANSABA, Go Green World.


  3. i’am agree that we can keep our environment to our belove country,especially.
    say awesome,greatful,and amazing!!!!!


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