Youth Speaker entry #81: Megan Rowlatt (Australia)

Illawarra Intrepid Landcare is an Illawarra based Landcare group on the east coast of Australia, NSW, which engages young people aged late teens to thirty-something year olds. The group moves around and assists existing Bushcare, Landcare and other conservation groups with their local environmental projects.

Activities range from planting trees to seed collections, removing weeds and fencing for conservation, wildlife monitoring and mapping activities.

Megan RowlattLandcare is a national grass roots movement which involves community groups of volunteers all over Australia who are working towards repairing their local environment.

Individuals and groups work to protect, restore and sustainably manage Australia’s natural environment and its productivity. In its infancy, initiatives aimed to improve agricultural productivity through sustainable land management, but over time the movement has grown and evolved from this to a broader focus on sustainable management of all of Australia’s natural resource assets, and now encompasses individuals and groups across the whole landscape from coastal to urban and remote areas of Australia.

With over 6000 “Care” groups nationwide, volunteers range from young children to retirees, surfers to farmers and CEO’s to students. United by a shared desire to create positive change in their communities, these individuals recognise that as a group their efforts have greater impact in their local area.

Landcare as a national movement is struggling to engage the next generation though. The 25+ year old movement has an aging demographic and there is a strong concern that the longevity of local projects and the movement is at risk.

The Illawarra Intrepid Landcare model attempts to address this issue by working with youth, young adults, and the wider Landcare community to design and develop projects young people are interested in participating in. To date Illawarra Intrepid Landcare has contributed to over 26 projects across NSW, and has inspired two new Intrepid Landcare groups to form across Australia.

Today, the group exists as a cutting edge model for Landcare which challenges the traditional model of Landcare. Illawarra Intrepid Landcare provides multifaceted, low impact, educational, nature-based experiences for young people, which allow for positive interactions with the natural environment, an opportunity to learn about local issues, and also gives young people a space to make social connections with other young people who have a passion for the great outdoors.

The group aims to connect young people to nature, community and each other through adventurous volunteer opportunities developed for young people by young people.

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34 thoughts on “Youth Speaker entry #81: Megan Rowlatt (Australia)

  1. Megan recently introduced us to both the concept of Illawarra Intrepid Landcare and some of the founding members. I was immediately impressed. Connecting the youth with the land in ways that they can learn, work, explore and socialise is innovative and brilliant. Megan’s drive and motivation is inspirational.
    I am really impressed Megan and I look forward to following your newest creation. Please keep me in the “loop”. john reay


  2. Another great effort Megan. Always great to see you spreading the word about the great things that you have been a part of – well done!


  3. Megan together with Landcare were involved in eradication and restoration projects in the Gerringong/Gerroa coastal areas some years ago and the results were outstanding. Sand dunes and bushland which had been infested with exotic weed, have been transformed and now are areas of mainly native vegetation.
    Megan’s infectious attitude and passion towards her work generated enough interest for locals who banded to ensure an ongoing maintanence program which is still ongoing.
    Megan has been involved in so many additional environmental issues since, gaining her knowledge and resulting in her passion rising even more from those early days and now if selected as a authoritarian from ‘Down Under’ on an overseas platform, would be more than justified.


  4. Well done Megan and what a great ambassador you would make. Keep up the great work. All the best in the future.


  5. Megan has been a passionate worker on the land care scene for a lot of years now.
    I am sure that her drive and leadership skills will inspire a lot more young people to take an active part in the protection of the environment.
    Megan would make an ideal ambassador for our youth and the land care cause.


  6. Megan is an inspiring, committed young woman, passionate for preserving our beautiful environment. Connecting young people to the land is a brilliant plan. Megan Rowlatt would be an excellent choice to make ambassador.


  7. I am very impressed by Megan’s knowledge & passion for the environment. I love her idea of connecting young people to the land. She would make a great ambassador.


  8. Great to see young people involved, I have had this group join us at the Elizabeth Brownlee Reserve at Albion Park and did a great job in removing some lantana for us.


  9. Megan’s forebears came to Australia and felled he trees for farming. She and some of her distant cousins are now part of the fourth generation who have devoted themselves to restoring those trees and improving our environment.


  10. Megan is very passionate and committed in her field and would make a great ambassador. . Would be an ideal choice.


  11. Megan has been the Community Support Officer for Landcare Illawarra for some years now. Her presence, her charm and her abilities have made sure Landcare Illawarra has build up significant bragging rights about our successes.


    I spent many years establishing Landcare Groups and conducting TotalCatchment Committees .To read of Megan involved in continuing this work is most gratifying. Landcare is essential to maintain primary production whilst protecting our natural resources . Megan and dedicated people like her give us faith in the future in primary production in our beautiful country.


  13. We would love to see the younger dudes engaged in Landcare in our region – average age is 40-50yrs+ and we have lots of great projects to do that are funded and are looking for people to get involved – this would be a excellent model to get running here. Well done Megan for getting this group and new model up and running – I very much hope it gains more and more traction as your amazing work progresses


  14. Because of Megan I met awesome people (including herself) while learning about the environment during landcare projects. Heaps fun! Great work Megan!


  15. Megan has done brilliant work getting young people engaged with their environment through Illawarra Intrepid Landcare. It is a great model for other communities to follow!

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Incredible and inspiring…Finding ways to encourage young people to connect with their natural environment is the key to hope for the future of our amazing planet. Brilliant work!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. This is a wonderful post for someone who has achieved so much in this space, she is the definition of “practise what you preach”. She is inspiring so many young people across Australia to do something for the environment. People should be following her lead around the world to start up groups like her youth landcare groups to help their regional environment. She is such a great ambassador for landcare, an amazing leader and inspiring women.

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  18. What a great way to get younger people involved in caring for the land, they will most likely continue to care for the environment throughout their lives.

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